The emails you need to be sending during your product launch waitlist

By Hannah Denson

The emails you need to be sending during your product launch waitlist

Congratulations! You’re collecting email addresses for your product launch and maybe you’ve already got a waitlist page set up. Don’t stop now. One thing that’s good for, is communicating with your audience through email sequences. Email is a critical part of any successful product launch.

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You don’t want to sit on the leads you’ve collected and just leave them there … for months in hopes someone will buy your product at launch. No, you want to keep those new leads warm so that when you do launch, they’ll be ready to buy. But how do you keep them warm without being annoying?

Don’t worry! You’re in the right place if you’re feeling lost about what to do with all those email addresses you collected till launch. We’ve got you covered. This guide will show you how to keep the leads you have warm throughout your launch, build excitement, and get more sales once you launch.

So, let’s dive right in and talk about what each of these emails would look like.

Emails to Launch Your Waitlist

Waitlist Announcement Email

If you have existing customers, family, friends, and connections on social media, then you already have contacts to get started. That means you have to make sure they’re up to speed on your new product or launch. There’s no reason why anyone who knows you should not be aware of your product launch, so you want to get the word out to as many people as you can. You need a waitlist page and KickoffLabs can get you started. It only takes 10 minutes to get your page set up.

Why: You want to let your existing customer and family and friends know that this is their chance to get on the waitlist to get early access, discounts, or any other promotion you’ve put together.

Content: Let your fans know you’re working on your new product and that you’ve officially launched the waitlist. Tell them that it’s important for them to sign up and link them to your sign-up page. KickoffLabs has a great sign-up feature you can use to get them on your list.


Here’s a sample:

Subject: We’re getting ready for a big launch!  Get on the waitlist now!


Hi [ first name ],


Great news! We will soon be launching our latest product [product] and here is your chance to get in line and earn early access!

We’ll be launching on [date]. We’d like for you to be among the first to receive access! You can complete actions to move up on the list and earn prizes.

Earn points and move up the waitlist to get in sooner!


Sign up here (instant sign up link)!



Your Name


Waitlist Follow Up Email

Follow up with your existing customers, friends and family to ensure they don’t miss this sign-up opportunity. Not everyone signs up immediately, so you want to make sure they have ample opportunity. To make sure you get their attention, try a different headline or a different incentive.

Why: To ensure that as many people as possible don’t miss the opportunity to sign up.

Content: Remind your fans that you’re working on your new product and that you’ve officially launched the waitlist and they don’t want to miss the chance to be on it. Let them know why they should join. They should sign up now to be among the first to sign up!


Individual Emails to Send Based on Lead Actions During the Campaign

During the campaign, your fans will be participating in your launch by entering to win, taking certain actions, and earning points. At each of these stages, you will need to send a communication to respond to what they’ve done on the campaign trail. Here are three prime examples.


1. Welcome to The Waitlist 

What: There will be new people signing up throughout the duration of your campaign. The first thing you’ll want to do is welcome them and get them up to speed with what’s happening. Let people know the next call to action by using contest emails available through KickoffLabs. These will be trigger to send upon sign up- so no extra work for you!

Why: Let your fans know the points they can earn when they share the launch with friends on social media or take other actions. Let them know the importance of rising up the leaderboard and how all of this helps the launch.

Content: Use incentives like coupon codes or discounts to help them take action. Share your social media buttons, links to free downloads, and any other relevant links that would help extend the reach of the campaign. This is your time to let them know taking the time to take action was not wasted. Create a text-based template based on this email and the best practices I linked to.


Here’s a sample:

*Subject: Welcome! *


Hi [ First name],


Thanks for subscribing to our list! You now have the opportunity to win [Rewards] during our giveaway. Tell your friends and complete actions to earn points and move up the waitlist!

Use the link below to enter:

(Instant sign up link)

Refer friends using this link [ page to share link ]!

The giveaway ends on [Date].



Your Name


2. You’ve Unlocked This Reward

What: Reward your super fans by sending them an email that lets them know they’ve received one of your many rewards because of their actions. This is a trigger email option you can set up- leads will receive an email once they earn the amount of points you set. 

Why: The people who receive this email have earned enough points to unlock that special reward.

Content: Maybe you provide them a link to a promo code, an eBook, or some other special gift. If they’ve earned something other than a link can provide, let them know how they will receive their reward.


Here’s a sample:

*Subject: You’ve just unlocked a reward!*


Hi [ First Name ],


You’ve just unlocked a special reward! You’ve earned<!– [ lead.contest_score ] **. As promised, here is your discount code: [ lead.discount_code ]

Congrats! Keep [action] to move up and earn!



Your Name

Broadcast Emails to Send To During the Campaign

You’ve Earned Points/Moved Up The List

What: Let your fans know you see them taking action by acknowledging it in an email. 

Why: Whether you’ve set up rewards or not these emails should go to anyone who starts earning points by taking action during your campaign. Some of those actions could include sharing the campaign, visiting the website, watching a video, or more. You can customize those rewards by choosing how many points each action is worth.

Content: Let them know how many points they’ve already earned. Make sure to thank them for engaging and encourage them to keep moving up that board and earning points by continuing to take action.


Here’s a sample:

*Subject: You’re doing Amazing!*


Hi [ First name],


Congrats! You’ve earned [ current score ]!

Way to go! Continue to work your way up the leaderboard to earn even more points! 

Remember, the contest ends [Date]



Your Name


Weekly Mails To Everyone

Businesses with successful launch campaigns usually send one to three emails per week leading up to the launch week with the cadence increasing in the final stretch leading up to the launch email. Here are a set of emails you can rotate through to get there:

Pre-Launch Survey

What: Many businesses have found pre-launch surveys very useful for their planning. You can do the same by sending an email that will give you meaningful feedback that you can use ahead of the launch.

Why: You’ve collected the email addresses; people are on your waitlist so they’re anxiously waiting … for something. You know they want additional information about your product. In the meantime, they’ll gladly engage with you until they get what they want or earn.

Content: Do what so many businesses have already been doing. Start building those relationships with people who have expressed an interest in what you have to offer. Keep the relationship going and benefit your business through surveys. Learn how other businesses have benefited from using surveys.


Here’s a sample:

*Subject: Take the survey to win*


Hi [name]


You’re so valuable to what we do. And because of that, we want to always be improving for you. 

We value you as a customer and appreciate your business. To show you how much, we’re drawing a lucky name from those who complete our survey during our giveaway. 

The lucky winner will win [Reward] just before our launch day!

So, take a few minutes to fill out this quick survey and you’ll be entered to win!


Take the survey here!



Your Name

Tell Us About Yourself

What: Now you’ve got your fans thinking it’s not all about what they can buy from you.

Why: Asking your fans for a bit of information about themselves lets them know you do see them and care about them.

Content: This is a simple email that requires one or two questions they can answer about themselves just by hitting reply. It’s lighter than an actual survey and a chance for you to learn more about your audience.


Here’s a sample:

*Subject: Let’s get to know you better*


Hi [ first name ],


Thanks for being with us on this journey. We value you as a subscriber and would love to learn more about you. Take a few minutes to respond to a couple of simple questions in the link below.


Responding to these questions automatically enters you into our giveaway for another chance to win [reward].

Respond before [Date] for your chance to win.



Your Name

Sneak peek

What: Give your fans a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Why: This keeps your fans engaged with your brand and reminds them of why they signed up in the first place.

Content: Share some exciting news about your product, some key features, a video demonstration or an image of the product, or something that gets them excited about your launch. Remember, they’re still in wait mode and everything eventually comes back to the launch.

Here’s a sample:

*Subject: Ready for a sneak peek?*


Hi [ First Name ],


It’s almost time! We’ll soon be launching [product]. [Provide a little something about the product that has not been shared before]

Like or share this page to enter our giveaway and get on the waitlist!



Your Name

People With No Points

It’s Not Too Late to Move Up

What: An email that lets people know they still have time to earn points.

Why: Just because these people are inactive doesn’t mean they don’t deserve more of your time. This is their opportunity to still get in on the fun.

Content: Remind them there are still many points to be gained and convince them to get off the sidelines and engage with your brand by sharing with friends or following you online. Even if they don’t have a following to reach out to, they can still gain points because they’ve taken an interest in what you do. Let them know you’re rooting for them.


Here’s a sample:

*Subject: There’s still time to win*


Hi [ First Name ],


Thank you for being a subscriber. There’s still time to earn points and move up the waitlist before we officially launch. You can easily get started by [describe actions to take]!


Remember, the launch giveaway ends on [Date].



Your Name

People Who Have Earned Additional Points

Keep Going, You’re one of our Influencers!

What: An email that encourages those who are taking action to keep up the good work. You can set up reward level emails to make this happen right when they earn the amount of points you set. Pro-tip: you can set these trigger emails up without the reward UI if you only want emails to send at certain point totals as people move up the list.

Why: Even if they’ve never considered themselves influencers, let them know they are your influencers because of all the actions they’ve taken. Let them know how much you appreciate all their work by thanking them again for their engagement.

Content: Consider inviting them to a special private/VIP Facebook or slack group where they can connect more with your team.


Here’s a sample:

*Subject: You’re a top influencer*


Hi [ First Name ],


Congratulations! Your work has not gone unnoticed! You’ve earned [ead.contest_score ] making you [ lead.contest_score_rank ] in line!

And because of all you’ve done, you’ve received [Name of Reward]. 


Keep up the great work! 



Your Name

Emails Leading up to Launch Day

  • Two weeks prior to launch: Start building up anticipation for your launch. This lets your audience know that something big is about to happen. Don’t give away too much but let them know that it’s something that will especially benefit them. You’ll risk your audience forgetting about it if you send it more than two weeks out.
  • One week prior to launch: Okay, now you can announce your big news! Let them know exactly what’s coming and when. Include photos or screenshots and give them the release date and how they can get their order ahead of everyone else.
  • Launch day: This is it! The day you’ve worked and sweated so hard for! Share the release date with your audience so they can be just as excited. They’ll want to make a purchase or upgrade their product line. Share the social media buttons so your audience can also spread the great news!
  • One week after: Follow up with your audience to remind them of the product release. These emails should only go to people who have yet to order. Continue putting these types of emails out there one to three weeks following the launch.


Heres a sample:

*Subject: It’s Launch Day!*


Hi [ First Name ],


We are launching today at noon! We are so excited to share what we’ve been working on. Get ready to have exclusive access before we release to the public!

Thank you for all of your support!



Your Name

Final Thoughts

So, now you’ve got the gist of how email campaigns work and how they really benefit your launch. Continue to turn to KickoffLabs for general email best practices to ensure your emails get opened. You can even use these links to easily connect the tools you need during your campaign: Drip; ConvertKit; Klaviyo; Mailchimp.


Happy Launch!

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