You’ve read about viral launches and have wondered what it would take to replicate that success for your business. We’ve also talked in the past on how to supercharge your conversion rate using social referrals.

But let’s be honest… without a team of developers, a full blown waiting list campaign is not easy to build. Especially if you’re just starting out.

Did you know that now you can build a viral waiting list landing page with KickoffLabs. Quick and effective!

Let’s take a look at setting up a waiting list campaign like

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The Signup Landing Page

Most people may have seen the page using a video background. After several iterations this was their final waiting list version. Keep in mind, just because they used a background video signup page doesn’t mean you have to.


But if you wanted to do this, you can by using our new “Very Visual” landing page theme which supports background video :)

The 1st version of their signup page was a cleaner white background and image below the form.


This 2nd version of their page used a great static background image and centered form (also easy to do using KickoffLabs themes).


However you design the signup page, in the images above did you notice what remains just about the same? The copy.

That’s a point we’d like to get across – rather than spending your time making small tweaks that have small impacts on conversions, focus on the copy.

If you’ll be doing any kind of A/B split testing, test your headlines and copy first.


The strengths of the signup landing page:

  • a strong benefit-focused headline – it stays just about the same through all iterations
  • clean page with no distracting elements
  • asking only for an email address (depends on your business)
  • descriptive call-to-action button text

Setup with KickoffLabs

Building the signup landing page is really up to you. You can literally use ANY landing page as your signup page.

Use a KickoffLabs landing page, embeddable opt-in forms for use on a custom site, or our Bounce exit intent widget.

1. In this example we’ll be creating an entire campaign from scratch, but you can always create a new landing page under any existing campaign within KickoffLabs.

Click ‘Add New Campaign’ to create a new lead generation campaign.

like-robinhood_Add a New Campaign

2. Give your campaign a detailed name, then click ‘Create My New Campaign’.

like-robinhood_Create My New Campaign

3. Inside of our new campaign, let’s now create the signup landing page.

From the Campaign dashboard, click ‘Start Collecting Leads’ (or from the “Pages & Forms” drop-down click ‘Add New Page or Widget’).

like-robinhood_Start Collecting Leads

4. We are presented with a variety of different lead capture tools, but in this case let’s click ‘Create a New Landing Page’.

like-robinhood_Create a New Landing Page

5. Give your landing page a name, then click ‘Choose’ on any theme that catches your eye.

I’ll choose our “Feature Zig-Zag” theme, but all KickoffLabs themes are compatible with this kind of waiting list campaign.

like-robinhood_Choose KickoffLabs Theme

6. Now click ‘Edit Page’ to enter the KickoffLabs landing page designer.

like-robinhood_Edit Signup Landing Page

7. Inside of the designer, go ahead and customize the signup page to your liking. Add in custom text, fonts, colors, images and more.

When your edits are complete, click ‘Save’, then click ‘Done’ to exit the designer.

like-robinhood_Save Signup Page Changes

All set creating the signup page!

The Waiting List Thank You Page

This is where the real magic starts to happen. The team at Robinhood reported that over 50% of signups came through social referrals. So besides a great thank you, the real call-to-action on this secondary page is to get people sharing.

robinhood thank you message


Here’s why this expertly crafted thank you page converts well:

  • a simple thank you message
  • displays a signups place in line
  • clear call-to-action and incentive of sharing for priority access
  • gives people a reason to revisit the page and see their progress

Setup with KickoffLabs

1. To create the dedicated thank you page, from the “Pages & Forms” drop-down click ‘Add New Page or Widget’.

2. In the lead capture tool selection screen, scroll down to the “Thank You Pages” section and click ‘Create a New Thank You Page’.

like-robinhood_Create a New Thank You Page

3. Give your thank you page a name, then locate our new “Robinhood Waits In Line” thank you page theme and click ‘Choose’.

You’ll want to use this theme for the waiting line functionality that’s built in.

like-robinhood_Choose KickoffLabs Thank You Page

4. From your page dashboard, click ‘Edit Page’ to enter the designer.

5. Inside of the designer is where you’ll edit the page and configure the waiting list numbers.

Our “Robinhood Waits In Line” theme automatically calculates and displays the correct information to your signups. However inside of the designer you will see default test numbers so you can see what an example would look like.

6. Here’s an overview of the waitlist settings:

  • Number on the waitlist – the place in number of signups. If they were signup #10, they would see 10… if they were signup #999, they would see 999.
  • In line after you – the number of people in line behind a signup.

like-robinhood_Robinhood Wait List

  • Friends referred – the number of succesful signups via social referrals one person has sent you.
  • Early access requires – the number of succesful signups via social referrals one person needs to jump their place in line.

All of the text on the page is completely editable, so you can change these labels to fit your needs.

7. From the “General” sidebar tab, you can choose whether or not to display the waitlist number sections along with customizing the “Skip Line Number” (number of referrals a person needs to skip the waitlist).

In this example I’ll be updating the “Skip Line Number” to 5 (the default is 3), but will leave all other settings as they are.

like-robinhood_Skip Line Number

8. When complete making edits to your thank you page, click ‘Save’, then click ‘Done’ to exit the designer.

9. One final step after creating your thank you page, we need to assign the signup landing page to redirect to the thank you page. Click back to your Campaign dashboard to do so.

like-robinhood_Click Back to Campaign

10. Locate the signup landing page and click ‘Edit Page’.

11. From the “Thanks” sidebar tab, locate the “Redirect Options” section. In the “Redirect To” drop-down, choose the Thank You Page you created earlier.

like-robinhood_Signup Landing Page Redirect

12. Now click ‘Save’, to save your changes.

All set creating and redirecting to the thank you page!

The Emails

Don’t neglect your signups after they’ve converted. Email reminds people what they signed up for and instigates action. Not to mention it’s proven that email has the highest ROI out of all marketing channels.

The first email that Robinhood sent out was a simple text-based email (no fancy templates necessary) that reinforces “priority access” and the chance to get access sooner.

robinhood waiting list thank you email

Notice how the email also includes a link back to the thank you page with “check your spot”.


The series of emails Robinhood sent at different times are:

  1. Instant thank you email (AutoReply) – the initial email response reminding people about the incentive for sharing.
  2. Progress email (Influencer Email) – let people know in realtime and daily whenever they got a friend to sign up, the perfect way to motivate people.
  3. Incentive emails (a KickoffLabs exclusive) – notify people if and once they’ve reached the minimum referrals for early access.

Setup with KickoffLabs

A. Instant thank you email (AutoReply)

1. If you’re still in the landing page designer, from the “Thanks” sidebar tab locate the “Automatic Email” section and click ‘Configure it here’…

like-robinhood_Configure Automatic Email

…otherwise, from the dashboard look for the “Emails” drop-down and click ‘Setup Automatic Reply’.

2. Now in the KickoffLabs AutoReply screen, you can configure your email. Add in a logo, customize the text, and more.

However you customize the email, don’t delete the tags that KickoffLabs uses to autogenerate the social referral and sharing links.

3. When you’re done editing the AutoReply email, click ‘Save Auto Reply Settings’.

like-robinhood_Edit AutoReply

All set configuring the initial email autoresponse!

like-robinhood_Email AutoReply

B. Progress email (Influencer Email)

1. From the “Emails” drop-down, click ‘Setup Influencer Email’.

2. In the “Influencer Email Settings”, tick the checkbox to enable influencer emails.

3. Now customize the email by adding in text, images, etc… and when you’re done click ‘Save Influencer Email Settings’.

like-robinhood_Save Influencer Email Settings

All set creating the influencer email!

like-robinhood_Influencer Email

C. Incentive emails (a KickoffLabs exclusive)

1. From the “Emails” drop-down, click ‘Setup Incentive Emails’.

2. Click ‘Add Your First Incentive Email’ to create the email.

like-robinhood_Add Your First Incentive Email

3. Make sure the incentive email is enabled. Then in the “Required Number of Leads” field, place in the number of successful referrals necessary to skip the line.

If you recall, for the campaign in this example I setup a 5 referral “skip line number”. So if people refer 5 friends, I want an automatic email to go out letting them know.

In this example, I’m linking to a potential special link that people can use to gain access. But you can include a direct link to your app download, product sales page… whatever the conversion goal is.

It’s really up to you how you use KickoffLabs Viral Incentive Emails. Feel free to get creative. We’d love to see what you come up with!

4. When you’re done editing the incentive email, click ‘Save Email’.

like-robinhood_Save Incentive Email

The cool thing about KickoffLabs Viral Incentive Emails is that you can create as many incentive levels as you need.

Want to create more? Click ‘Add Another Incentive Email’.

All set creating the final incentive email!

Additional steps

1. Be sure to configure the from name and address by clicking ‘Update Email Settings’ from the “Emails” drop-down.

2. From the “Reporting” drop-down, click ‘Status Reports & Lead Notifications’ to configure your own notifications.

Tracking Sharing and Reports

KickoffLabs automatically tracks any sharing that signups are doing. We use this data to move people on the waiting list.

1. Once you start collecting leads, you’ll find all the data under the “Reporting” drop-down.

2. From the “Lead Reports” you can filter through most recent AND most influential leads.

like-robinhood_Lead Reports By Influential

3. For more in-depth tracking, click ‘Download Leads’ to download a detailed spreadsheet of your leads.

like-robinhood_Download Leads

Get Viral!

We hope this quick guide helps you in building the perfect fully-featured waiting list campaign.

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