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Introducing Landing Page A/B Testing at KickoffLabs

By Josh Ledgard

Jan 15th, 2015

KickoffLabs A/B Testing

While most people were enjoying some time off over the holidays, the KickoffLabs team has been hard at work getting ready to release one of the biggest updates to our platform.

Today we’re proudly announcing the launch of A/B Testing (a.k.a split testing)!

KickoffLabs now makes it easier than before to run successful A/B testing experiments for your landing pages and marketing campaigns.

A/B testing allows you to split test between 2 different landing pages. This allows you to publish two pages to the same URL location, where some visitors will see the “A” page and some will see the “B (challenger)” page.

Test your headline, call-to-action, a new image, etc – or test against a completely different landing page altogether.

Depending on the number of signups, KickoffLabs A/B testing will determine which of these two pages results in more conversions for your campaign.

We’re super proud of this new feature and are confident that it’ll boost your campaign results. Quick and painless landing page optimization right out of the box!

How to Get an A/B Test Up and Running

A one page setup is all you need to start running smarter A/B testing with KickoffLabs…

KickoffLabs A/B Testing Set Up

But enough with the nuts and bolts of KickoffLabs A/B testing, I’m sure you’re curious to see what kind of improvement is possible with A/B testing…

Drinking Our Own Champagne

Before unleashing this amazing new feature to the world, we wanted to give our new A/B testing a thorough workout.

We’ve been doing weekly live webinars for some time now, so decided to try out an A/B test to see how we can increase our signup and conversion rates.

Here’s a look at the original landing page – created by yours truly.


In A/B testing terminology, this is called the “A” page.

And here’s a look at the newly created test landing page – created by KickoffLabs co-founder, Josh Ledgard.


In A/B testing terminology, this is called the “B Challenger” or variation page.

BTW, these landing pages are KickoffLabs themes that you can easily customize to match your branding and start A/B testing too :)

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Running the test for a healthy 21 days gave us enough results to make the call. Halfway during the test, we even adjusted the traffic weight to drive more visitors to the already winning variation. There’s no sense in wasting traffic on a losing landing page!

So which landing page blew the other out of the water?


Josh’s new “B challenger” landing page variation won by a landslide! An improvement of 122.30% to be precise.

Let us tell you: It’s a great feeling for business owners and marketers alike beating the heck out of the original in an A/B test.

There’s a big difference in how both pages were presented, but why the huge difference in conversion rate? Our conclusions were that the original landing page:

  • is too crowded and causes distractions.
  • contains too many outgoing links that drive people away from the page.
  • uses too much blue, for links, logo and call-to-action button.

The new landing page most likely won because:

  • has the primary focus of getting people to sign up.
  • there’s less distracting copy on the page.
  • shows a background image that calls out improvements.

Ready for More Data-Driven Optimization

We were fortunate our first official A/B test using KickoffLabs was rewarding. But this may not always be the case… If you run an A/B test and it fails miserably, there’s no need for frustration.

Especially if you’re new to A/B testing, be aware that A LOT OF A/B TESTS FAIL. It’s just part of the conversion rate optimization process.

There may be plenty of factors behind why tests fail… everything from not waiting long enough (stopping the test too early), to user shock (where people used to seeing one version of the page don’t know what to do on the new page)… all this you have to factor in when deciding whether or not to keep new A/B test changes.

For our A/B test, it was an obvious call to keep the new winning landing page. Although we’ll be testing again to try and improve the conversion rate even more! Stick with us as we’ll be sharing more results soon.

Are you ready to improve your landing page conversion rates with smart A/B testing?

Log in to your account now, or if you’re not yet a customer… get started with your free account.

It’s available now to all paid plans (starting from the $29 Starter plan on up). You’re going to be thrilled to see how easy it is to run A/B split tests.

Best of success with your A/B testing!

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