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Travlwear successfully funded over $95,000 after amazing KickoffLabs Campaign

Luke Rafla-Yuan from Travlwear wrapped up a successful KickoffLabs campaign and launched their travel backpack for photographers on Inidgogo. They were successfully funded at 95 thousand dollars! In this episode you’ll learn how KickoffLabs helped them validate the business, how they ran a referral campaign by keeping the rewards simple, built a product they wanted to buy, what percentage of your ideal crowdfunding raise you should spend on marketing, and how you could use Facebook Messenger to answer questions from potential customers during your launch.

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How Passfolio Went From Zero to 16,000 People on Their App Waitlist

Learn how David used KickoffLabs to validate the Passfolio business and got over 16,000 people signed up on their wait list. With over 25,000 word of mouth views from KickoffLabs sharing to their campaign, you'll see why it was a success. You'll also learn why a new CS grad from Stanford made a hard right turn to go to law school instead of cashing straight in as an app developer after school.

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How Zenus collected 25,000 leads without ads using KickoffLabs

Zenus leveraged KickoffLabs, saved a ton of money, and has been able to focus on their core product instead of lead generation tools. With zero dollars spent on ads, the KickoffLabs campaign has collected over 25,000 email addresses at a 33% conversion rate, with a 60% viral boost. That means people are excited about Zenus, and they're telling their friends about it, using the KickoffLabs' referral links.

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