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How Social Bamboo Helps Businesses Grow With Online Sweepstakes

Listen in to find out how Derek, host of the well-known business marketing podcast Social Bamboo, has used KickoffLabs not only for his own business but to help others grow through running sweepstakes. Learn more about his tactics, marketing advice, and what has been helpful for his clients in past sweepstakes along with why he recommends KickoffLabs to his followers.

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How customer feedback can get the leads you want with your marketing campaigns

Marcin Kowalik, a marketing professional has used KickoffLabs from both a business to business and business to consumer standpoint. So far, he has run contests with KickoffLabs for the insurance industry and a fashion brand. Though these contests may have had entirely different audiences and the marketing needed to be tailored uniquely, the path to success through a KickoffLabs campaign had shockingly similar results. Listen in to hear how Marcin used market research, customer testing, and a KickoffLabs contest for both!

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Validate your idea and generate sales by pitching a webinar!

WellMedic was created for doctors to utilize Dr. Sham’s medical knowledge and experiences uniting physical, social and emotional health while working through their post-graduate exams. Wellmedic used a waitlist campaign to gather leads, encourage referrals, and keep a high communication rate with new members. Listen to how they went from 800 initial leads to 10,000 doctors helped in just 18 months!

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How Pronti.AI Grew from 3k Active Users to Over 80k With a KickoffLabs Waitlist

Listen in to hear how Pronti.AI put itself in a position for viral growth by being opportunistic through conducting hundreds of customer interviews, continuously pushing and communicating app updates, and experimenting deeply on social media. During Pronti.AI’s campaign, 52k new leads were captured and since, the app usage has grown from 3k initial active users to now 80k.

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