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Giveaway Contest

It was a beautiful day in Florida, and Jim had decided to hit the golf course. He loved the game, and was excited to spend a few hours out on the green.

But as he was making his way to the fifth hole, he noticed something moving in the water hazard. As he got closer, he realized it was an alligator, and it looked angry.

Jim tried to back away slowly, but the alligator lunged at him. He turned and ran, his heart pounding in his chest.

He didn't know where he was going, and he quickly found himself lost on the course. He wandered around for what felt like hours, trying to find his way back to the clubhouse.

But as he was walking, he remembered something he had recently won in an online giveaway - a portable water filtering straw. He pulled it out of his pocket and used it to drink some water from a nearby pond.

As he continued to walk, he spotted the alligator again. But this time, it was lying on the ground, clearly in distress. Jim realized that the water he had been drinking must have been contaminated, and the alligator must have ingested it as well.

Feeling sorry for the creature, Jim used his water filtering straw to help the alligator. He gave it clean water, and it slowly began to recover.

In the end, Jim made it back to the clubhouse, and the alligator went on its way having made a new friend. He learned a valuable lesson about the importance of clean water, and was grateful for the life-saving tool he had won in the giveaway..

Use this single column enter to win template with a hero image to feature prizes. Leads can sign up and earn extra entries with campaign actions like promoting your business online! 

Contest Types: Enter to Win


Contest Landing Page: Giveaway Contest

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About Enter to Win

A bonus entry sweepstakes ends with randomly picking one or more winners. Entrants can increase their odds of winning by referring friends with unique links or taking actions you suggest to engage with your brand.

These templates include an individual's unique share link, the current number of entries, and a list of actions to earn them additional entries.

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Contest Landing Page: Giveaway Contest