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6 Great Tools To Engage Your Audience

One of the most important aspects of running an online business is clear communication with customers/visitors. This includes email communication, event planning, promotional activity/contests, customer support, and feedback generation. It’s more important now than ever to stay in touch with your users, amidst an ever changing and increasingly competitive business environment.

10 Great Tools to Automate and Outsource Your Work

Profits go to those who are always one step ahead.  And the savvy business owner always stays one step ahead by systemizing and outsourcing tasks outside of their core competency. This allows them to focus intensely on what’s in front of them.

Introducing Promo by KickoffLabs!

If you’ve ever wanted to promote something on your websites, you know it needs to stand out without being intrusive. You want a simple way to drive traffic from your main website back to your landing pages, contests, email signup, or special promotions.

The future of landing page traffic: Quality over Quantity

It’s shocking, but you don’t want one million page views. What you want is quality traffic. Traffic that’s going to convert more. If you simply measure overall traffic with a goal of driving up page views to your site and landing pages you’re missing the point.