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The Only Launch Checklist You’ll Ever Need

By Josh Ledgard

Feb 23rd, 2016

Launching a new product or service is both exhilarating and overwhelming. There are a thousand things to do, but what should you do first?

How do you guarantee a successful launch?

How do you find the right target customer for your product or service?

How do you get that customer to buy your product, subscribe to your service, or become an active part of your community?

You may not know the answer to these questions now, but you will after downloading this epic resource: The Only Launch Checklist You’ll Ever Need.

Built from our experience in helping thousands of customers launch their products, this ultimate launch checklist contains proven marketing tips and techniques.

In combination with your KickoffLabs account, use the strategies detailed in this ebook to create a stratospheric launch when it’s time to blast off.

We promise you no fluff and no stuff that works for only a few brands but not all. All of the marketing strategies found in this definitive checklist will work for your launch, whether you’re selling dog collars or a dating service.



Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your launch won’t be either. Our checklist shows everything you need to do before the launch date to ensure a success.

Learn how to prepare for your launch. We’ll discuss how to:

  • Develop your business idea so you create a product or service people will want to use
  • Nail your pitch and the difference between a good pitch and a bad one
  • Define your target customer online
  • Find communities targeted to your niche
  • Reinforce your credibility with social proof
  • Create a landing page that converts
  • Select the best calls to action
  • You’ll also learn why you need:

  • A “Thank You” page
  • A wait list
  • A launch contest
  • Social media optimization
  • An email autoresponder
  • Launch


    Try not to think of your launch as a one-day event. A successful launch depends on lead acquisition, which takes time to do successfully.

    Learn how to find your target audience. We’ll discuss how to:

  • Find influencers who will promote your product to their sphere of influence
  • Launch to friends, family, and early adopters
  • Rally those you know to use, try, and test your product for early feedback and validation
  • Create a contest that gets people excited about your product and boosts referrals
  • Cultivate relationships with users on forums and online communities
  • Learn about inbound marketing:

  • Partner with influencers to expand your reach
  • Build a press release to raise media interest in your launch
  • Create an email campaign to notify subscribers of your upcoming launch
  • Look for guest blogging opportunities
  • Forge partnerships with other brands
  • Evaluate pay per click online advertising
  • Learn about conversion rate optimization:

  • Discover your ideal conversion rate based on industry data
  • Experiment with A/B testing
  • Discover the best practices for A/B testing
  • Create an outstanding landing page
  • Find out what your customers expect via surveys and extent intent popups
  • Post Launch


    After your launch is over, your work is not. There are still a few strategies you can use to maximize the traffic that’s still trickling in after your launch. Don’t let them go to a dead link or redirect to your home page like it never even happened.

    In our checklist, we’ll share a few killer campaign wrap strategies to set up your brand for the long term, including:

  • Why you need a “campaign ended” landing page
  • How to thank your audience
  • Why you should run another contest
  • What to do with customer success stories
  • How to measure the success of your campaign
  • Are you ready to launch?

    Not until you download our ultimate launch checklist. Grab it here.

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