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Quickly and easily setup an email lead generating machine with pre-built landing pages, refer a friend tracking, and email automation designed to help you go viral! No coding required.

Quick and easy to launch today!

It’s easy to quickly gather 35,000, or even 100,000 emails using KickoffLabs and the power of social referrals.

Make it easy on yourself. Choose one of our great looking templates, add a splash of copy with some customer rewards, and publish to your own domain.

Beautiful Landing Page Templates

Build your audience with viral refer a friend tools

Make the most of your traffic by turning one signup into three more. We generate unique sharing links that are tracked for every lead. These links are included on thank you pages and any contest email we generate for you.

During our 8-week campaign, we captured more than 10,000 leads! It was nice to know we would not be launching to crickets.
Of our 10,000 leads… over 7,000 leads were referred by somebody else!
We were pleased to find such a powerful viral tool for non-technical people like me.

Bailey Nelson – Community at Glowforge

All you need to do is provide a little incentive for people to share! On average our unique Viral Boost technique generates 35% more leads than standard forms for our customers.

An example thank you page with viral refer a friend tools

Setup waitlists for new products

“If you build it they will come” is a lie. You need to generate buzz to build excitement before any product launch. A waitlists encourages people to share by moving them up the line so they get early access.

It’s too risky to put the effort into building a product without the audience to kickstart it. We wanted to create some buzz and get the word out, meanwhile we worked on the product. KickoffLabs provides a super useful way to incentivize people to share with friends so they can earn prizes.

Aref Shehadeh – KickoffLabs Customer

Make it easy on yourself. Choose one of our great looking templates, add a splash of copy with some customer rewards, and publish to your own domain.

Example waitlist page for your product

Email marketing and automated triggers are built in

Setup automatic response emails. Give away digital downloads as bribes. Automatically reward people for sharing your idea. The most successful launches are the ones that keep their audience engaged throughout the process.

Automatic emails would be sent if people reached certain referral levels using KickoffLabs Incentive Emails. We used these emails to tell a story throughout the campaign, where each was an opportunity to prep customers for when the product was available.

Bailey Nelson – Community at Glowforge

It’s also simple to push all your emails into popular bulk email services like MailChimp or AWeber.

Smart email marketing with automated triggers to build excitment and engagement

Tools to A/B test your message and prevent fraud

Start testing your message ASAP with our smart “set and forget” approach to A/B testing that will automatically pick a winner as your test progresses so you don’t lose any leads.

Larger campaigns won’t have to worry about fraud. Some of the built in tools include blocking duplicate IP addresses, referrals from “cheapskate” contest sites, and temporary fake email addresses.

Compare your a and b pages and see which page performs better

Growth doesn’t stop at launch. We grow with you…

Navigating your launch is only the first battle. KickoffLabs is designed to help you grow your audience post-launch. Embed our signup widgets on your website and start converting visitors that aren’t ready to buy into bonfire leads. Run a contest. Setup landing pages designed to capture leads by giving away free PDFs, Reports, Tips & Tricks, eBooks, etc.

See how we can help any business with their online marketing.

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Get amazing support for your new business

Need help setting up your domain for the first time? We provide concierge service for that. What about setting up your post launch strategy? We’ve got you covered there too. We’re always just a tweet, email or phone call away. Heck, even if you just want to bounce your landing page off of us for some suggestions… we’re going to improve your conversion rates.

See how we can help any business with their online marketing.

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