Glowforge seeds the biggest 30-day crowdfunding ever!

Glowforge is a desktop 3D laser printer/cutter/engraver that makes magical things at the push of a button. They used KickoffLabs to build an email list in anticipation for a crowdfunding campaign.

Glowforge thank you page.


Leads Collected

The total audience collected with KickoffLabs in a 3 month campaign.


Viral Boost

The percentage of leads generated from KickoffLabs viral sharing between leads.


Conversion Rate

The initial percentage of visitors turned into email list subscribers.


Dollar Raised

Crowdfunding $ raised after seeding an engaged audience with KickofLabs.

Bailey Nelson at Glowforge

We were pleased to find such a powerful viral tool for non-technical people like me.

-Bailey Nelson, Community at Glowforge

How they did it...

"We first put up a 'stealth mode' website with a basic email capture form.  Even with a mention in the New York Times the page got a lot of visits but only gathered about 800 emails. A vague campaign clearly wasn’t working."

We easily used our own custom landing page

"Integration was via KickoffLabs AnyForm script installed into the code of the page. AnyForm connects KickoffLabs to any third-party template or form, and gives you access to KickoffLabs powerful viral tools."

Glowforge custom landing page.

We leveraged our existing email list

"Using KickoffLabs Import Leads feature, we brought in our existing subscriber list of 800 or so leads. Doing so assigns imported existing leads a unique social referral link they can start sharing with friends."

We found success using KickoffLabs email triggers

"Automatic emails would be sent if people reached certain referral levels using KickoffLabs Incentive Emails. We used these emails to tell a story throughout the campaign, where each was an opportunity to prep customers for when the product was available."

Glowforge referral email.

People trying to game the system were easy to spot.

"We used KickoffLabs Advanced Fraud Prevention which includes tools like email verification, IP address blocking & more, to automatically show if leads were potentially fake.

We had some rules and regulations for referrals, so people who tried to cheat were simply removed from the list."

Glowforge leads.

Our campaign went above & beyond expectations.

"During our 8-week campaign, we captured more than 10,000 leads! It was nice to know we would not be launching to crickets."

The conversion rate was helped a lot by the 77.5% KickoffLabs Viral Boost (the percentage of leads that came from a customer referral). Of those 10,000 leads… over 7,000 leads were referred by somebody else!"

KickoffLabs leads converted well into buying customers.

"There was an incredible response and sales went faster than we expected. Even if people didn’t purchase, a lot of them posted about it and were generally excited about the product launch.

The internal goal was $2 million dollars in 30 days… we hit that in 2 ½ days. The rest is history!"

Be sure to read the full blog post, complete with examples and high-converting marketing tips for your campaigns!

Also, watch the full video interview (chock full of extra marketing gems).



Campaign Goal:

Build an audience before and during a crowdfunding campaign to market to that will ultimately purchase the product.

Key Features Used: