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September 2014 Trends & Our Favorite Landing Pages

By Josh Ledgard

Oct 15th, 2014

It’s that time again… to share how our customers campaigns have been performing and our roundup of the best landing pages for the month of September 2014!

First, our combined customer analytics…

September Leads Generated


Our proudest public metric. These are the number of quality leads that KickoffLabs generated for our customers during the month of September.

September Conversion Rate


Our free plan has really been taking off and growing in popularity! That’s mirific, we want everyone to access KickoffLabs powerful lead generation tools. But with that unfortunately comes a slight drop in our overall customer conversion rate.

It’s a real shame, especially when anyone can easily get a professional landing page review from our team for FREE.

September Viral Boost


Over half of all signups this month we’re sharing their unique referral link with their friends! Goes to show that simply asking for the share can drive more referral traffic to your signup page.

September Age Groups

demographics sept 2014

This is how age groups were distributed:

  • 25-34 & 35-44 yr olds consistently hold the top age groups.
  • Steady increase in engagement from older demographics.

September Gender

m-f demographic sept 2014

The female demographic has been steadily climbing month per month, where now we normally see a +70% of the demographic share.

This aligns with a recent article published by QuickSprout, where they conclude that women are more active on social networks with a higher share frequency rate:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

While men are more active on social networks with less sharing going on:

  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • YouTube

If you’re wondering how we’re getting the demographic data, KickoffLabs has a feature called Magic Contact Data that automatically takes customer email addresses and fills in missing data such as Twitter names, Facebook profiles, biography, current employer, and even their full names. Services normally charge ONLY for this service, BUT comes included with any paid KickoffLabs account ;)

September’s Favorite Pages

We might have packed too many pages into this month’s best, but there were just so many great contest, signup and launch pages that we couldn’t resist sharing them all with you.

The best contest landing pages

Companies large and small were using contests as an incentive to drive a large amount signups of our customers combined signups…

1. Kaffexpress are using their product launch as a contest to drive more signups using our Small Box theme.


Why we like it: Besides being coffee lovers ourselves, the page is doesn’t need much copy to describe what people are signing up for.

2. BabyLegs have been quite the busy bees, launching one contest after another… and it seems they’ve fallen in love with our Small Box


& Flat Box – Light themes… who can blame them, they look stunning!


Why we like it: Uses great background images to engage visitors

3. MakerMex are giving away one of their MM1 Modular 3D printers using our Big Show – Video theme.


Why we like it: We love seeing innovative products being boosted by our platform.

4. Century 21 Canada got creative building a custom contest page for their Air Miles contest.


Why we like it: It’s a beautiful page that aside from capturing prospects information, they are looking to educate their audience.

5. The Love Lab launched a speed-dating contest using our Viral Giveaway – Double Opt In theme.


Why we like it: Red is always a bold color choice but works well for this page, it POPS!

6. CrowdTap customized our Small Box theme for a contest page that’s unique to their brand.


Why we like it:

  1. They associate with a well known brand name, Walmart.
  2. The CTA is hard to miss.
  3. Steps work well for directing your visitors actions.

7. The team over at John Daly Cocktail offered a getaway contest using our Viral Giveaway – Double Opt In theme.


Why we like it: John (the guy in the photograph) is signaling to the eye-catching copy and CTA, “hey, sign up for this”.

8. Bruce Power built a great looking contest landing page with a customized version of our Big Box theme.


Why we like it: By getting people to use their energy calculators to obtain contest answers, they are driving engagement with their mobile apps.

9. JookBox used our Flat Box – Dark theme to create their contest page…


Why we like it: They only ask for an email address. That and the call-to-action text says “Win!”.

The Best Incentivized Landing Pages

Not only was September the month of awesome contests, it was also a month packed with great signup incentives…

1. O Tempo from Brazil used another slightly customized version of our Big Box theme to create an ebook download landing page.


Why we like it: This is exactly the kind of incentive that can drive a ton of signups… I may not fully understand the language (it’s Portuguese), but I like how the visual is clearly tied to the free ebook download. And the way they portray the ebook as a solution to one of the most dreaded tasks… an exam.

2. Using our Three Step Social Contest with the embed form option, African Clean Energy is increasing their social following all the while collecting email addresses for delivering their ebook.


Why we like it: Proves how easy it is to implement a viral form into your current site!

3. Our friends at PurpleSlate put together a custom form using the KickoffLabs API.


Why we like it: Uses logos as trust factors. It’s okay if their only from the resources.

4. African Management Initiative has done a great job of starting off with our Lead Form – Text Focus theme and creating landing pages that reflect their brand.


Why we like it: Integrates perfectly with their current site. They’re also helping with the development of their country, which in itself a great accomplishment.

5. Rosetta Patios & Walkways used our Traditional Pitch theme to create a landing page that’s hard to turn away from!


Why we like it: Even though this page is for a company specializing in patios & walkways, they are using a proven layout for getting people’s email address and information.

They are taking the classic catalog to a new level and treating it as incentivized ebook download. That’s pretty smart!

6. Trunkey built another custom page using the KickoffLabs API… the result is impressive!


Why we like it:

  • They use a great background image that directs attention to the eye-catching call-to-action button.
  • The copy is brief, yet informative.
  • Use of a valuable time-based incentive.

The Best Overall Landing Pages

1. StuffHopper is a new app that is already looking amazing using our Lead Form – Background Image theme.


Why we like it: The page is simple, has a great headline and just the right amount of copy. The CTA button text is relative to the action being taken, “Sell my stuff for me!”.

2. Using our Flat Box theme, new clothing line designer Gregory Martin created a very simple, yet effective launch page.


Why we like it: The simplicity of the signup page conveys an aura of elegance to the brand.

3. MundoExperts built an incredibly balanced landing page using our Small Box theme.


Why we like it: All the elements and copy are optimally sized. The color choice is also spot on, in my opinion.

4. Lostmy.name launched a beautiful landing page for an upcoming storybook using our Traditional Pitch theme.


Why we like it: Using cheerful images and plenty of whitespace help bring this landing page to life!

5. TravelAdvisorPeru is looking to garner attention for their cause using our Small Box theme (boy that theme sure is popular!)


Why we like it: Despite the KickoffLabs branding (hey, it’s a free account), the rest of the page is actually very nicely designed. Simple, great background image choice, and a CTA that is easy to see.

6. EasyEyeTracking customized our The Art of Sales theme to perfectly fit their business needs.


Why we like it: We really love how they turned our theme into a full blown launch home page that looks great and is incredibly effective.

There you have it…

Contests were the reigning champ for this month, and it’s no surprise… with KickoffLabs built-in viral features businesses get the advantage of leveraging their audience’s social network for an even greater boost in signups.

Looking at these amazing pages, are you feeling inspired to create your own high-converting landing page? Sign up for your FREE ACCOUNT and launch a smarter campaign today!

If you already have an account with us and would like to get better results, we can help with that too. Submit your site here to get a free professional conversion rate optimization during our next Live Landing Page Reviews.


Thanks for reading and for sharing!

-Josh Ledgard

Co-Founder of KickoffLabs


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