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August 2014 Landing Page Analytics & Our Favorite Pages

By Josh Ledgard

Sep 25th, 2014

People love getting a real glimpse into how our customers campaigns are performing, and we’re more than glad to share those metrics with the world!

Here’s a look at combined customer metrics and a list of our favorite landing pages for the month of August…

August Conversion Rate


This number dropped slightly from last months 19% conversion rate average. This is the overall customer conversion rate, so there are a lot of variables that go into defining this number.

While I’ve seen no shortage of great looking landing pages, I often find that these either have too much or too little information. We always want to see this number increasing, so be sure to check out this article for creating a great launch page.

Better yet, get your landing page reviewed by us, for free: visit KickoffLabs Live Landing Page Reviews.

August Viral Boost


That means 33% of leads captured by KickoffLabs came from our people sharing their unique referral link with friends.

Besides having an easy way to capture the email, you should always be encouraging people to share your page.

Does your current platform have a built-in personal url generator for each new signup?

KickoffLabs does, and this kind of virality is what gives every campaign that essential social boost.

August Age Groups


This is how age groups were spread across:

  • 25-34 & 35-44 yr olds hold a strong percentage of signups
  • Steady 1.5% increase month per month in older demographic brackets

August Gender


Once again, August signups were dominated by females at almost 73%!

Hmmm, which gender should you be targeting in your marketing and PPC campaigns?

August’s Favorite Pages

Favorite Overall Page


This page comes to us from Jay Baer of Convince and Convert (one of today’s top digital marketing advisors).

Jay knows exactly how to convert people, that’s why in his MarketingPodcasts.com landing page, he focuses only on getting the email address.

Why we like it:

  • No excess form fields that hurt conversions
  • The copy is brief and easy to read
  • Beautiful use of our Flat Box launch theme

Favorite Physical Product Launch Page


LiltCycles is a new urban bicycle manufacturer from Brazil. This is a super basic page, but that’s why I love it so much. All they really added was a high-quality photograph as a background image and the page looks great!

Why we like it:

  • Minimal signup form using our Small Box launch theme
  • Sets expectations by including a stunning background image
  • Only asks for the email address

Favorite Mobile App Launch Page #1 (It’s a TIE!)


This is a beautiful custom HTML / CSS mobile app launch page from ParentsNearby, an iOS and Android app that connects like-minded parents living nearby.

Why we like it:

  • They’re smart enough to have built a referral system themselves, but value their time so they used our API to effortlessly connect to KickoffLabs Viral Boost.
  • Uses signups to gauge interest in other parts of the world
  • It’s a stunning page!

Favorite Mobile App Launch Page #2 (It’s a TIE!)


AirrTrade has a pretty cool concept, never get stuck with a middle seat when airline travelling.

What I really like about the page is how they explain the service in a series of steps, which is always easier for people to comprehend.

The only thing I would change on the page would be the “Submit” button text. Personalizing the button copy will always increase your conversion rate.

Why we like it:

  • Only asks for an email address
  • Adds scarcity and urgency with “Limited invites available”
  • Appeals to various types of visitors with short headlines, longer form explained steps, and even an explainer video! This reinforces our co-founder Josh’s motto: “you never know what copy is going to get people to convert”

Favorite Web App Launch Page


SearchStax (formerly called Measured Search) created another custom HTML / CSS page that leverages our unique personal referral system to get that extra viral boost from signups.

It’s a well developed page that includes just the right amount of copy for describing their business.

Why we like it:

  • Only asks for an email address
  • Page copy calls out customer pains
  • Uses customer logos to reinforce trust

Favorite Call-To-Action Page


This page is from pfoody.de, a german producer of high-quality dog food. They used our Grand Headlines lead generation theme to setup an easy way to collect email newsletter leads.

I’ll have to admit, they had me with the image of cute animals signaling for the call-to-action! Note that this kind of directional cue has a powerful effect on focusing people’s attention.

Why we like it:

Favorite Most Improved Page


NiceRide is a page that we’ve mentioned in the past, and since the last time I saw the page, the presentation has gotten way better! I give them props.

Why we like it:

  • AWESOME use of an incentive (free membership for early adopters)
  • Short, straightforward headlines
  • Custom HTML landing page that is nicely styled

Favorite Contest Page


Using our Three Step Social Contest theme, MeUndies created a great looking contest offering up concert tickets the LA’s FYF Fest. In order to increase engagement, they embedded the page directly onto their main site.

As you can see in the image below, the contest page still lives on-site actively collecting signups…


This is a great post contest tactic, and one that we talk about in our Step-by-Step Guide To Successful Contests.

Why we like it:

  • Uses our proven contest step process to increase their social following
  • Beautifully matched our theme to their site color scheme
  • Everybody loves a contest (even I entered)

We look forward to seeing your page!

Those were customer metrics and our favorite pages for the month of August…

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Thanks for hanging out with us on the KickoffLabs blog!

-Josh Ledgard

Co-Founder of KickoffLabs


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