The Ultimate list of AI Prompts for Copywriting

By Meagan Kral

The Ultimate list of AI Prompts for Copywriting

Welcome to the world of AI-enhanced copywriting! In this guide, we’ll explore how tools like ChatGPT, Claude, and Content Spark can revolutionize your writing process.

From crafting SEO-optimized meta descriptions to developing your unique brand voice, we’ll navigate through various AI writing prompts that can reshape, and dramatically speed up high quality content production.

We’ll dive into the prompts here and list AI tools you can use to run these prompts via chat or in a task library that you re-use again and again.

Get better results from AI prompting by setting the context persona

While you can these tools, each on their own, it’s been proven you’ll get better results for your business if you first set the context in the chat so the AI knows what to focus on. Examples of setting context would include:

  • Uploading your brand voice document in each chat
  • Create a reusable persona from your brand voice in a tool like Content Spark that will be used in all the re-usable prompts there.

Task and Persona in Content Spark

Setting the context will get you more personalized results. You can also tell your persona things oike “We don’t use emojis” or “use a professional tone”.

AI Copywriting Prompts

These writing prompts can be a game-changer for campaigns success. This section dives into various categories of writing prompts designed to streamline your content creation process.

AI Prompts for Audience Research

These are prompts you might use to generate testable customer hypotheses you can use when you are building you customer personas and brand voice.

  • Assume you work in marketing for the [insert your industry]. Give me a list of five concerns our customers might have before purchasing [insert product here].
  • What are the most popular products in the following industry: [industry]
  • Generate a buyer persona for the following type of product: [product]
  • What are 5 products that customers might also own or use if they also use [your product category]
  • What are the top companies that make products similar to [product]
  • Generate a brief customer interview script designed to test the following assumptions about their needs: [Assumptions based on research]
  • What are 10 common customer concerns about the following product that would prevent them from making a purchase? [product]

Using AI to Develop a Reusable Brand Voice

The following prompts can help you build out a brand voice once you’ve tested the assumptions made above about your customers.

  • Given the following company mission: [mission statement] and information we have about our audience: [audience research] come up with ideas for our brand voice that will help us generate more conversions. The brand voice should include a visual guide of voice attributes, personality traits (as if its a person), do’s and dont’s, and sample messages that could be written for different contexts like product pages, blog posts, or social media posts.

This brand voice can be used to provide concise context for the rest of the prompts in this article.

SEO / Meta Data Prompts

These prompts are useful for identifying keywords to target and content you could be writing to target buyers.

  • Identify 10 SEO keywords related to [topic].
  • Identify the likely search intent in a table for the following keywords [seo, keywords]
  • Generate 5 keywords for transactional search intent for my product [product]
  • Create a list of 5 SEO keywords related to the following product description: [description]
  • Suggest engaging blog post titles related to the following list of SEO keywords: [seo, keywords]
  • Generate 10 questions related to the following keywords: [seo, keywords]
  • Using our brand voice suggest 5 blog post ideas for the following keyword: [keyword]
  • Rewrite the following blog post title to improve the click through rate: [Old Title]

AI product description example

Generating Blog Article Outlines

Once you have a content idea you can use AI to generate outlines posts and content parts based on the keywords and subject lines you want to target.

  • Given the following headline come up with 4-7 subheadings for a blog post: [headline]
  • Take the following headline and generate a content outline that can be used to write a 2000 word article. The content outline should consist of the sub-headlines for different sections of the article that are to be filled in. [headline]
  • For the following outline generate catchy headlines for each section using our brand voice: [outline]

AI Prompts to Fill in Content

Once you have an outline you’ve edited from the last round of prompting it’s time to fill some of the content.

  • Summarize the following content outline for an introduction that focusses on the benefits the reader will get out of reading it: [outline]
  • [outline] — Using the outline above as context please explain the most important things people should know about this subheading in our brand voice: [subheading]
  • Please explain this part of the outline in a concise single paragraph: [subheading]
  • Write a conclusion for the following outline that focusses on the key points they should be taking away related to our [product business]: [\outline].
  • Rewrite the following content with our brand voice: [content]

AI Prompts for Product Pages

  • What are 5 common questions our audience might have about this topic or product: [topic or product]
  • Provide answers to these common customer questions in our brand voice: [FAQ]
  • Using our brand voice generate a nested set of headlines about [Product]. The headlines should be connected and tell a story that each highlights benefits to our product.
  • Rewrite the copy from our product page to follow our brand voice guidelines [Product Copy]
  • Generate a list of the top fix reasons someone could use this product: [product]
  • Come up with 5 ideas for the purchase button call to action text for this product: [product]

Tools for Running AI Prompts

These AI tools offer a range of functionalities to enhance creativity and efficiency. Each tool brings unique capabilities to the table, providing copywriters with the resources they need to elevate their content to new heights.


ChatGPT The OG with a pure chat interface can assist in copywriting by providing creative writing prompts, generating ideas, or even drafting/refining entire pieces of content. You’ll be copy and pasting your common prompts into the chat interface along with your content to make revisions. It’s the basic starting point.



Contentspark.ai is an innovative AI tool tailored for people who want to develop re-usable workflows without keeping a copy/paste prompt library. It adds workflows and AI tasks on top of Tools like ChatGTP and Claude. You can also connect your blog (or other) feeds up to it to generate regular ideas for social media posts.



Claude Another Chat based AI writing assistant. This tool is particularly useful for copywriters who need to align their content with a specific brand voice or tone. Claude can help rewrite or tailor content to fit different audience segments, ensuring that the messaging is both consistent and effective. Its versatility in handling different writing styles makes it a go-to tool for personalizing content across various platforms and marketing campaigns.


Google Bard

Work alongside Bard to ignite your creative thinking, foster innovative ideas, and boost your work efficiency. Bard is currently available in over 40 languages!

Google Bard

Meta Llama 2

Llama 2, the advanced natural language processing tool, offers a new era in copywriting with its three distinct model sizes. It enables users to generate fresh text, expertly summarize or creatively rewrite existing content, and engage in human-like dialogues.

Meta Llama 2

Streamline Your Copywriting and Drive Results with AI Tools

As we’ve explored, solutions like ChatGPT, ContentSpark, Claude, and more enable writers to work smarter * not harder. These tools help you research target audiences, create engaging copy, and refine content to resonate with readers.

Whether you need to craft viral social posts, optimize web copy for SEO, or simply brainstorm creative ideas, AI is here to simplify your campaign workflow.

By harnessing these writing prompts across key categories like metadata, branding, outlining, and research, you can save time while producing copy that truly stands out and drives success!

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