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KickoffLabs Launches Viral Customer Referral Platform

By Scott Watermasysk

Nov 3rd, 2011

Today, we are officially launching the first viral customer referral API.

With this API, you can now add new signups to your viral landing pages outside of [KickoffLabs](https://kickofflabs.com and check the influencer statistics on existing signups. We have kept the API extremely simple. However, you can build some really amazing things with it.

Here are threee examples:

1. Build out a landing page experience that’s 100% yours.  We even have a published a complete example application (with source code): You are no longer limited to a designer & custom CSS.

2. Create a simple referral program for an existing product. Pass an email and give the customer a unique referral code for your product! Measure and reward your true influencers.

3. Go beyond a page and integrate us into your existing site. Someday you’ll outgrow our landing page site and need the flexibility and content only your site could provide… but you still want to encourage customers to refer one another with our viral platform.  Now you can.

The API is available NOW for any trial or paid customer plan.

We’ve got big plans for this customer referral platform and we would LOVE your feedback.

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