Launch Contests

Focus on building your actual business. Leave the launch page and lead generation to KickoffLabs.

Launch Campaign

Get your launch page up today

Start growing your customer list today. Choose one of our great looking templates, add a splash of copy, and publish it to your own domain. No need to worry about hosting, email collection, email responders, etc, we’ve got you covered while you work on your product and marketing.

Viral Boost Measurement

Improve ROI and conversion rate with a Viral Boost

Make the most of your traffic by turning one signup into three more. We generate unique sharing links on our thank you screens, automatic email replies, and targeted influencer emails. All you need to do is provide a little incentive. On average the Viral Boost technique generates a 33% boost across our customers.

Roomate Mixers

Test your ideas and marketing copy

Don’t build something you can’t market. Save time, money, and effort by proving there is a market for your ideas. KickoffLabs was started to validate our own business ideas. Got five ideas? Test them all quickly, find the one you can build an audience around, and put some weight behind it. It worked for us.

Automatic Reply

Engage customers with built in email marketing

Setup automatic response emails. Give away digital downloads as bribes. Automatically reward people for sharing your idea. The most successful launches are the ones that keep their audience engaged throughout the process. Push all your emails into popular bulk email services like MailChimp or AWeber.


Know your audience with Magic Contact Data

What if you knew your audience was 86% male, between 24 and 34 years of age, and generally active on Facebook? Would that help you optimize your message and make the most of your advertising budget? Of course it would.


Growth doesn’t stop at launch. We grow with you…

Navigating your launch is only the first battle. KickoffLabs is designed to help you grow your audience post-launch. Embed our signup widgets on your website and start converting visitors that aren’t ready to buy into bonfire leads. Run a contest. Setup landing pages designed to capture leads by giving away free PDFs, Reports, Tips & Tricks, eBooks, etc.

See how we can help any business with their online marketing.

Get amazing support for your new business

Need help setting up your domain for the first time? We provide concierge service for that. What about setting up your post launch strategy? We’ve got you covered there too. We’re always just a tweet, email or phone call away. Heck, even if you just want to bounce your landing page off of us for some suggestions… we’re going to improve your conversion rates.