Improve conversion rates with viral thank you pages.

Redirect new leads from your landing page, opt-in form, or existing website to dedicated viral thank you pages. Deliver digital rewards and give your campaign a viral boost with our exclusive referral mechanism.

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Improve your conversion rate with a dedicated viral thank you page

KickoffLabs landing pages & forms feature an in-page thank you message.… but now you can chain your signup page to it’s own dedicated thank you page. These pages provide you with a unique opportunity to capture additional leads by adding incentives and gaining a Viral Boost!

  • Pair with ANY KickoffLabs landing page or form
  • Generate referral tracking links
  • Deliver downloadable opt in bribes
  • Setup custom reward levels, waitlists, or other incentives

Drive your leads to take further action

Thank you pages are the perfect opportunity for further conversion. Psychology has proven that once someone has agreed to a small request – 52.8% will fulfill a second.

It’s the perfect opportunity to motivate new subscribers to share with like-minded friends and increase the chances of your campaign going viral.

Boost engagement with leadboard thank you pages

Run a viral referral competition and get people sharing with friends to better their odds of winning.

Create leaderboards which let people see where they stand in relation to the leaders and use the sharing tools to invite more friends. This way they can easily track how their rankings have improved..

Use Custom Scoring to score your leaderboard by the number of referrals that someone has sent to your contest.

Set default thank you links for your campaign

Redirect your leads to a dedicated thank you page OR send your leads to ANY custom third-party URL.

Setting a default thank you page forces every signup, no matter how they sign up, to be redirected to one particular page in your funnel.

Link to your thank you pages in campaign emails

Signups can come back to pages to check their progress and how many referrals they have generated. KickoffLabs thank you pages automatically remember people, so they’ll see their own dedicated referral page when returning to the URL.

Within emails, add a URL back to thank you pages using the ” {% thankyou_link %} ” email token. Optionally set the text on it ” {% thankyou_link Visit My Thank You Page %} “.