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Unlock Rewards

Leads unlock rewards by referring friends using their unique links and reaching referral milestones.

Viewing progress towards rewards.


Generate word of mouth by encouraging people to move up the waitlist as they refer friends and earn points in your contest.

Showing where ones position on the waitlist is.

Bonus Entry Sweepstakes

Leads earn additional entries and increase their odds of winning by following your brand or referring friends.

Viewing bonus entries earned.

Leaderboard Giveaways

Leads earn points and move up the leaderboard by referring friends, following your brand, or taking other social actions.

A leaderboard based on earned contest points.

Email Opt-in Bribes

Deliver a simple instant download in exchange for someone joining your email list.

Offer of an opt-in bribe to join your mailing list.

Coupon Giveaway

Generate leads by giving away coupons, vouchers, and other unique codes to your fans through our email replies.

Offer of a unqiue coupon code for distribution.

Shopify Rewards

Don't just drive leads. Drive purchases and reward true fans that refer buyers!

Tag and reward leads as having generated purchases for you.