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What is a Sweepstakes?

By Hannah Denson

Jul 25th, 2022

Who doesn’t love winning prizes? Your worst day can take on a whole new meaning just from winning a sweepstakes. Regardless of the size or value of the prize, people love winning them. Running a sweepstakes is a great way to engage people with your brand. When it comes to brand recognition, many businesses miss a sure opportunity to build excitement around their brand by running a sweepstakes. If you’re not familiar with running a sweepstakes, keep reading to learn why running a sweepstakes is important to your brand and why KickoffLabs is the solution for running the ultimate sweepstakes.

What Is a Sweepstakes?


enter to win over $2000 worth of products

A Sweepstakes is the process of running a promotion where people must enter to win a prize. During the sweepstakes people who enter can take certain actions to increase their odds of winning. The promotion comes with general rules and guidelines that all entrants must adhere to in order to qualify to win. Generally, there is no purchase necessary to enter the sweepstakes.

There are many ways to run a sweepstakes and different types that can include contests, giveaways, rewards or raffles.

How do Sweepstakes Work?

Running sweepstakes is a great way to get leads for your business. Running a sweepstakes can be difficult and hard to manage, but with KickoffLabs, running a sweepstakes has never been easier. We have everything you need to get your sweepstakes started and running smoothly to get as many leads as possible.

1. Build the Sweepstakes Entry

The first thing you need is a platform for gathering your leads from your sweepstakes. You may already have an entry page or form build. If so, great. We can connect to that with our “Anyform” feature to turn it into a sweepstakes page. If you don’t have a website, no worries. We have tons of highly-customizable landing pages, and you can choose from one of the amazing giveaway templates for your sweepstakes. Using either your website or one of our landing pages, you’ll add our Contest Box that will help to bring in more leads for your sweepstakes.

KickoffLabs has everything you need to build out your campaign. Create as many landing pages and thank you pages as you need; easily design your landing page with our user-friendly page designer, create content for your email campaigns, and search, filter and sort through your leads as you need to.

Use our awesome features to add personal greetings to your emails, add tools that protect your sweepstakes from fraud so fake contest entries won’t be a problem throughout your campaign, automatically run tests as you go to ensure everything’s good, get full demographic data of all your leads, and access important conversion data to always know the outcome. You can run your campaign using the action of your contestants to drive up brand engagement.

2. Run Your Sweepstakes

With your sweepstakes entry all build-out, now you can start accepting entries. With
KickoffLabs, it’s easy to run your campaign.
a. A lead opts into the sweepstakes via an entry form.
b. A lead can earn additional entries by getting friends to sign up using unique links
automatically generated for them to track referrals.
c. A lead can earn even more additional entries by taking the contest actions.
d. You can use KickoffLabs to pick a winner that automatically considers each lead’s total entries.

3. Watch Your Sweepstakes Go Viral

As your friends share with their friends, their friends will also share with their friends, and this just keeps going. Everyone who shares receives the Thank You message, which includes the unique code and customized links, and the sharing continues. All who share receive points for doing so and we have the built-in analytics to automatically share on their thank you page so they can see the number of points they’ve earned. Offer incentives or rewards for getting a certain number of family or friends to sign up or offer incentives based on the number of points earned. We even have ideas to help you think through all of this, so don’t sweat it. It’s all very much doable.

KickoffLabs gives you the option of building your campaign to the degree you want by offering variations of the sweepstakes. Go beyond the basic sweepstakes by having everyone who enters your sweepstakes increase their odds of winning by offering contest actions that will have them moving up the leaderboard. The more points they earn on the leaderboard, the more leads they’re bringing to your brand. After all, the purpose of the sweepstakes is to increase brand engagement. As participants move up the leaderboard, encourage them to continue to refer, like, follow, share, etc. so they stand the chance of increasing their chance at winning and gaining the ultimate prize.

With a KickoffLabs Bonus Entry Giveaway with Milestone Rewards, there is something for everyone. You can offer all contest participants special product offers or discounts to boost your sales. Get creative with your campaign and offer something to everyone but offer the most to those who take more actions. In this way, you’re creating brand ambassadors and influencers for your brand at very little cost to you.
KickoffLabs offers a variety of templates that you can mix and match features to create the perfect sweepstakes for your brand. With a simple process to get started, within minutes, you’ll be running your campaign.

Successful Examples of Sweepstakes


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KickoffLabs has been used with many brands to create over 100 Million leads, getting 35% more leads than traditional contests.

Haugen Racing increased leads by over 14,000 using a KickoffLabs giveaway.

Success tracking visuals, graphs, referral success, stats

Brain Rich Kids collected 9,000 leads (with nearly half from referrals using KickoffLabs unique contest mechanics. Thousands of contest actions were taken (16,000) that helped to drive up their conversion rate by 20%.

Brain rich kids landing page example- actions to earn more points win product.

It’s time to get more brand engagement and get higher conversion rates! Get your sweepstakes running today using KickoffLabs.

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