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Add a Viral Boost to your LeadPages with KickoffLabs AnyForm

By Scott Watermasysk

Jul 31st, 2015

There are lots of ways to build landing pages. We like how we do it, but we won’t judge (well… maybe a little) if you are already have a page published elsewhere.

But what if you could keep your landing page where it is today and still get all the viral boost and other benefits of KickoffLabs?

Last week we announced KickoffLabs AnyForm for Unbounce and the response has been great!

Today, we’re announcing KickoffLabs AnyForm for LeadPages.

Just like our Unbounce integration, you can still leverage everything built into LeadPages….you just now have the opportunity to:

  • Generate 35% (and likely more) leads
  • Run more engaging contests
  • Get a TON of customer demographic data back
  • Automatic email replies
  • Fraud protection
  • And more…

Not too bad for copying and pasting a couple of lines of growthacking script goodness.

To get started

  1. Log into your KickoffLabs account
  2. Add a thank you page to your account.
  3. Go to create a new landing page or widget
  4. Pick “AnyForm for LeadPages”


Then simply follow the instructions you see…

And just like last week, the word on the street is more integrations are on their way!

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