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8 great reasons to use signup landing pages!

By Josh Ledgard

Feb 21st, 2012

When we started KickoffLabs we imagined one primary use case… The coming soon page for a new product or business.  What we’ve learned is that our customer set is MUCH more diverse. Our mission has evolved to simply deliver the most signups possible for our customers.

We just updated our tour page to reflect 8 clear use cases based on real customers that have had success with their landing pages.  Even if you don’t use OUR service I hope this list gives you inspiration.  Besides… you’ll come around eventually.

1. Launching a new product

imageThis was the original intent of KickoffLabs and still probably the most widely used.  When you decide you are going to launch a product you NEED one of these pages.  I described the ten reasons for this clearly before.

The best reason is for a page like this is that 99% of you aren’t celebrities. You need to start building buzz now.  If you can’t get 100 people you don’t already know to sign up… you may want to abandon the product and keep your day job.

2.  Build a community of beta testers…

… for V.Next.  We noticed pretty early on several of our customers were established companies with existing mailing lists. They used our service to build up hype for their next release and build a separate community of beta users.

3. Event promotion and pre-registration landing pages

imageWe’ve had 5k run organizers use KickoffLabs to build hype around pre-registrations and bands run contests that promote concerts and grow their mailing lists.

Because a viral landing page encourages sharing and referrals within social networks it makes perfect sense that your fans would be inclined to get their friends to join them.

4. Grow your mailing list with a contest

If you can track who refers you the most customers (like we can with KickoffLabs) then you can create interesting contests.  One customers gave users virtual raffle tickets for everyone they had influenced.  So if you had signed up 50 of your friends you had 51 raffle tickets.

Another one of our customers chose to simply give away an iPad to the person that referred the most people. The key here is to not only reward the signup… but to reward the referral conversion.

5. Get clients up instantly with a temporary landing pages

imageThis was another customer set we didn’t anticipate.  Designers and agencies have signed up so that they can put pages up (we can support any number of pages with custom domains under one account) for their clients instantly! It’s win-win.

Clients get to have their “business card” up on the web at their final address and collect email addresses. The designer gets to impress them with speedy service while the full site is being built.

The designers have been re-using their pages and using a different custom domain for each client.  They have also been exporting the reports to send the client weekly status with new leads and details on how well early promotion is going. Finished with a client… delete their temporary page and use that slot for a new one.

6.  Replace those boring newsletter signup boxes

imageBecause we offer embeddable signup bars, integration with services like Mailchimp, and dedicated signup pages we’ve had clients use KickoffLabs to convert their boring signup boxes into a cool signup bar that grabs attention and encourages sharing!

7. Run a newsletter

To run a newsletter you need a signup page and email delivery service.  Modern landing page solutions offer both of these capabilities or at least integration with another service that does.  Several customers just leave the page up and run the newsletter and auto-responders from our service.

8. Run a referral program


We use this ourselves.  Your next customers will probably be people your existing customers already know. Most modern businesses will run some form of a referral program. You should have a dedicated page for a program that explains the how it works and what they will get for telling their friends.

Here is a much lengthier post on generating customer referrals here you can read.


For our next product I’m hoping to be far less surprised by what customers are doing. SmileIn the meantime I love seeing people get creative with the tools and capabilities we’re providing them. Most importantly I love helping them succeed and hope this post gives you some ideas about how you could be using your landing pages today.


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