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Get More Leads With These Three New Landing Page Templates

By Josh Ledgard

Mar 12th, 2014

We’ve recently released 3 new themes, hand crafted by our design team and designed improve your conversion rates. Can’t wait to try them out for your campaign? Build your landing page now.

Let’s have a look at each to see how they can help get you more customers.

Grow your audience with a “Three Step” social contest.

First up, we have Three Step… a new contest theme built using customer feedback we’ve received from successful campaigns. Customers follow your social channels, enter their email address, and then are prompted to share the contest. For example: A valid entry, your users would need to:

1) “Like” your company Facebook Page (or other social channels).

2) Add a valid email address.

3) Share the contest via social networks.

This great new theme will allow you to get a contest up and running in no time. Simply change the background image, upload your logo, enter some compelling copy and choose from unlimited color combinations. Three Step is optimized to help make your contests go viral. See a live preview here.

Here’s some additional tips to make sure you get the most from your contests (or any other campaign).

  • include remarkable pre-filled copy in the social share boxes so that as part of the entry, people share your message and link back to your contest page. It helps to write in a natural, conversational tone.

  • Offer an amazing prize that is relevant to your audience. Time and time again we’ve seen contests giving away something like an iPad or something. Sure that’s great and all, but does it provide real value to your audience? We think not. Spend time thinking about your users personas. What would motivate them to do business with you? Remember this: the higher quality the prize (not necessarily in $); the higher quality your leads will be.

  • Okay, we’ll say it flat out… you need to bribe people in order to get their email addresses. Maximize sign-up rate and extend your reach by offering a great incentive (that can be early access to a beta, an e-book, an infographic, etc.).

  • For choosing the winner, a random drawing is probably the least biased way, though you can always encourage sharing by offering a prize to the person with the most signup referrals. The goal here really is to leverage your current subscribers social network and reward the influencers.

    • When the contest is finalized, email your entire entry list to notify about the winners. So your subscribers don’t feel left out, you can include a promotional offer. You already have one of the most valuable assets a marketer or startup can have; their email address. Some people may take you up on the offer, but many will not… yet. It’s up to you to keep them engaged until they’re ready to make a purchase.

    Want to learn more about how to bribe your audience? Read our past blog post here.

     Even if you weren’t thinking about running a contest any time soon. We highly recommend that you look into it as contests convert very well, and are a low-cost solution to growing and engaging your audience.

    Two Minimalist Themes For Events, Newsletter Sign-ups, or Launches

    Our next 2 themes were created to help you start cultivating subscribers right away and build immediate hype for your company with ease. These two bold new designs avoid conversion-killing clutter and focus on getting more signups. Suave Theme

    Suave is a simplified form with a clear call-to-action hovering over an elegant background image. See a live preview here.

    So Neat Theme So Neat is a streamlined boxed form with a customizable background image. See a live preview here.

    Like all KickofflLabs landing page templates, these 3 new themes are fully customizable and include our exclusive Viral Boost feature, to help generate more signups and reward influencers; support for custom forms, so you can get more detailed information about your sign-ups; look great online and on mobile devices; and so much more

    If these themes aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, we have another 20+ templates that you can choose from; optimized for Launching, Lead Generation, Contests & Sales Pages. Check them out here.  

     What do you think about our new landing pages? What other new template designs would you like to see built? Go ahead and leave your comments below!

    Thanks for reading, and for sharing!

    – Josh, Co-founder KickoffLabs

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    PS: For more in-depth tips, you really should check out our Landing Pages 107 email series, where we cover how to create landing pages that vastly improve sales.

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