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3 Great Holiday Themed Giveaways Run by Influencers

By Mojca Zove

Dec 27th, 2021

The holiday season is the perfect time to run a giveaway campaign. Launching a Christmas giveaway as the year comes to a close isn’t just about getting you and your followers into the giving spirit of the season… It’s about giving back while simultaneously improving your brand’s image with more leads, more followers, and more influence overall.

Running a giveaway the right way is the perfect opportunity to get the ball rolling with your marketing plans for the New Year. But doing it the right way is key, and the three holiday-themed giveaways detailed below are the perfect example of that. If you want to know how to run your Christmas contest the RIGHT way, take a page from the book of these successful holiday-themed giveaways and apply these brands’ and influencers’ practices to your own campaign.

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1. Run a Charitable Giveaway Like OneHope Wine

One of the best Christmas contest ideas is to run a charity-based giveaway. There are a number of ways to do this, but the general gist of a charitable contest is to give your contestants the opportunity to win something for themselves while also giving back to the community.

The easiest option for a charity giveaway is to donate money for every prize won. So if someone wins a $50 gift card to your online store or a prize that’s valued at $50, you can then donate another $50 to the charity of your (or the winner’s) choice. But like we said, there are many ways to run a charity giveaway, and this is just one of them.

The OneHope winery in Napa Valley has a lot of influence, as you can see from its almost 100K followers on Instagram. They frequently put this following to good use by engaging their audience with charitable giveaways.

As you scroll through OneHope’s social media accounts, you’ll immediately notice that the brand uses its influence for good quite often, like raising money for cancer research and for clean drinking water. During the Christmas season, OneHope focuses on giving back by delivering meals to children in need with every purchase made.

The “12 Days of Gifting” giveaway promotes the brand’s top-selling wines and products for twelve consecutive days. With each purchase of products promoted in the giveaway, OneHope provides 15 meals to children in need so that they won’t go hungry on Christmas.

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2. Run an Advent Calendar Giveaway Like The Body Shop

It’s highly recommended that you keep things on theme with the Christmas spirit when creating your giveaway, and what better way to do that than with an Advent Calendar contest? The Advent Calendar perfectly symbolizes the Christmas season, so if you’re unsure how to run the giveaway, this is a great place to start.

If you don’t trust us, just take a page from The Body Shop. The Body Shop quite literally runs an Advent Calendar Christmas campaign by giving away the brand’s top-selling Advent Calendar products to the contest winners.

Unlike the traditional Advent Calendar that is filled with chocolates and candies, the ones sold here are filled with their beautifying products, like bubble bath, sheet masks, lip gloss, and more. During the holidays, the company launches its annual Global Advent Calendar Instagram Giveaway where three winners can take home a Calendar, just by taking action on Instagram.

People all over the world can enter with no purchase necessary - all you have to do is leave a comment on the Advent Giveaway Instagram posts @thebodyshop, and you’re automatically entered to win an Advent Calendar.

One thing that really sets this giveaway apart from others is the fact that the prizes offer a lot of value. Even the smallest Advent Calendar from The Body Shop normally sells for about $130, so it’s something that people actually want to win.

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3. Launch a Fitness Challenge Giveaway Like Tone It Up

During the holidays, most people completely forget about eating healthy and staying fit. Between the Christmas cookies, hot cocoa, and eggnog, it’s normal to decide that the best time to start being healthy is once your New Year’s resolution officially starts on January 1st.

Karena and Katrina, the popular female fitness influencers from Tone It Up, feel otherwise. The Tone It Up YouTube channel reaches almost 800K subscribers, so these ladies have no trouble getting the word out to promote giveaways and upcoming fitness challenges.

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The campaign we personally feel was most successful was Tone It Up’s recent 2021 Summer Challenge Giveaway. Although this promo wasn’t actually holiday-themed, it could easily be applied to the Holiday season. Perhaps the 2021 Christmas or New Year’s Eve Challenge Giveaway?

In this giveaway campaign, Tone It Up dished out 15 $100 gift cards for their online store to people who were actively involved in the summer fitness challenge. In exchange for being entered into the contest, contestants were asked to follow @ToneItUp on Instagram, share the challenge image to their IG accounts, and invite people to join the challenge.

Tone It Up did so many things right with this giveaway, like:

  • Asking for an easy social media action to get more followers (and to get more people entered into the giveaway).
  • Giving out high-value prizes to make the effort of entering the giveaway worth it.
  • Keeping followers in the loop with regular giveaway updates and reminders.
  • Staying true to their brand by promoting fitness goals and healthy living.

Get Started on Your Holiday-Themed Giveaway with KickoffLabs

When all is said and done, you don’t have to be considered an “influencer” to create a successful holiday giveaway. You’d be wise, however, to follow some of the ideas and practices of the influencers and brands mentioned above, and using KickoffLabs to create your giveaway can help with that.

For more info on how to launch a holiday-themed giveaway just in time for Christmas, create your free KickoffLabs account to get started today!

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