Viral Contests

Running a referral contest with kickofflabs is a quick and easy way to engage and grow ANY audience

Launch Your Viral Contest In Minutes

Setting up a contest should be the easy part

Don’t spend hours setting up your contest. KickoffLabs has the perfect landing page or opt-in form for your business.

Choose from our growing library of mobile-responsive landing page templates, each optimized for conversions and fully customizable to match your brand.


Use opt-in forms to embed & popup KickoffLabs forms on your current website. There’s also our AnyForm widget that can connect to any existing form on your page.

Whatever options you choose, with a strong focus on referrals our Viral Boost social sharing feature gives you a proven 35% boost in overall entries.

Sharing is Caring

Easily run a viral referral contest that encourages sharing

Benefit from word-of-mouth marketing by creating incentives and rewards for people that share your contest. Get access to influencer tracking and identify entries with the most shares, then automatically deliver your praise or a reward.

KickoffLabs contest templates are designed to get people to like, follow, tweet, share… whatever you need, we can help you create a viral loop that will increase your subscribers.

Reward People Just For Signing Up To Your List

Reward people just for entering your contest

Everyone love freebies, especially people who are entering a contest. Make them feel like they’ve already won just by signing up.

Use the power of digital incentives to draw in contest signups. Deliver any kind of digital asset (ebooks, pdf files, images, etc.) to go along with your automatic response email, all hosted by KickoffLabs.

Reward people based on their referrals

Reward people based on their number of referrals

Give your leads even more incentive to invite friends into your campaign. Get more people sharing

Create reward level thank you pages you can use to give away different rewards to people who reach customizable referral goals.

After someone signs up you can encourage them to share with reachable rewards delivered for up to 5 different levels.

Run a Viral Referral Competition

Use a leaderboard to show people where they stand

Run a viral referral competition and get people sharing with friends to better their odds of winning.

Create leaderboard thank you pages which let people see where they stand in relation to the leaders and use the sharing tools to invite more friends. This way they can easily track how their rankings have improved.

Use Custom Contest Scoring to score your leaderboard based on the number of referrals that someone has generated for your contest.

Pick Your Winners

More referrals give people better odds of winning

KickoffLabs “Pick a Winner” feature allows you to draw one or more names from the hat. That’s cool, but what’s even better is that if someone referred you 20 additional leads… their name will be in the “hat” an extra 20 times!

Choose and confirm your winners based on how many referrals they generated for your contest OR pull your winners 100% at random.

Advanced Fraud Prevention

Verify your contest winners and protect your business

Running a viral contest with KickoffLabs is incredibly easy, Unfortunately, you’ll always have those people who will try to sign up with fake emails to fraudulently cheat the system.

With KickoffLabs Advanced Fraud Prevention there is no need to worry about fake emails or referrals skewing your results. Send a double opt-in verification email, automatically exclude bad emails & IP addresses, see flagged emails in your reports and more.

Get real people signing up to your contest and choose your winners with confidence!

See Exactly How Your Contest Is Performing

Understand what’s really going on with your contest

Looking at results shouldn’t have your scouring through data just to find your most important metrics.

Your reports dashboard gives you easy to read, actionable insights at a glance, so you’ll always be able to see how your contest is performing in real time. See exactly where your leads are coming from, which channels are performing the best, customers advanced demographic data & more.

Run Successful Contests & More

More features than you’d expect

Why use one product for the landing page, another for the pop-up widget, and yet another to manage contest entries? Get the combined power of social contests + landing pages, custom forms, autoresponders and many more tools to integrate and consolidate your campaigns.

We also allow you to seamlessly run unlimited contests at once. Publish them to Facebook, your WordPress site, online store or anywhere else on the web. Grab your potential customers attention no matter where they are.

Get amazing support for your contests

KickoffLabs is 100% self-service and we make it as easy as possible to get started right away, but we also love working with customers like you to help customize, design, and optimize the customer experience.

You can hire us to build and deliver custom landing pages, contests, widgets, and referral campaigns… just like we’ve done for numerous successful sites. Simply reach out and let us know how we can help you by sending an email to