Join a small team that believes marketing should be more engaging and simpler to manage

What is KickoffLabs?

We’re a small team that believes online marketing campaigns should be more engaging and simpler to manage. We build easy to use tools that create smarter campaigns for our customers in less time.

We help established businesses grow and new businesses launch. The more our customers’ businesses grow, the more we’ll grow. And then there’s just goodness all around.

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What do we value?

Working smart and getting stuff done. It’s all about shipping amazing experiences our customers need, use, love, and rave about. And having fun while we’re doing it.

Agility and flexibility, in how we work and where we work. We don’t believe in working 9-5 from a corporate headquarters. Our team works remotely, and your results are what matter most.

Variety. We’re a bootstrapped company, and we all pitch in to help one another. You’ll get the chance to wear many hats and learn the business from the inside out.

Customer happiness: Without our customers, we wouldn’t have a business. We listen and respond quickly to customer requests and feedback.

Experimentation: Modern marketing and product development boils down to a lot of experimentation. We believe in testing a lot of new ideas, measuring the results, and doubling down on what works.

Perks? Benefits?

One of the main reasons we started KickoffLabs was to create a better place for ourselves to work. We wanted the sort of freedom, responsibility, and opportunity to learn new things on a regular basis that you just don’t find in most traditional jobs. We also offer these perks and benefits:

You’ll get a Macbook and any other tech you need to do your best work.

Health Care
We offer a premium level health plan and cover the majority of the costs.

Work Remotely
Work where you love to live. Don’t waste hours commuting.

Vacation and Time Off
Our policy: Take paid vacation and time off when you need it.

Founder Training
Work with and learn from the people that started KickoffLabs while we’re small.

Books and Training
Want to learn something new? Found a book or an online course? We’ll cover that.

Current openings?

We’ve always got an eye open for talented people that want to join our team. If you don’t see a position here for you don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how you could help by sending us an email.

We currently don’t have any openings. Check back next month.

Josh and Cora

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Founder Yankees Fan

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Web Designer

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