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July 4th Giveaway With a Leaderboard

It was the Fourth of July and the town was buzzing with excitement. The annual parade was about to start and everyone was eager to see the floats, marching bands, and of course, the fireworks.

As the parade began, Sarah found herself standing next to her favorite brand's float. She had been a loyal customer for years and was excited to see them in the parade. She pulled out her phone to snap a picture and saw that the brand was holding a July 4th contest.

She quickly learned that she could increase her chances of winning by referring friends and following the brand online. Excited by the prospect of winning, Sarah quickly got to work. She shared the contest with all of her friends and followed the brand on all of their social media platforms.

As the parade continued, Sarah couldn't help but feel a sense of pride and excitement. She loved her country and was grateful for the opportunity to celebrate its independence. And with the help of her friends and her online efforts, she just might be the lucky winner of the brand's July 4th contest.

She couldn't wait to see what amazing prizes the brand had in store for its lucky winners...

Start today with this simple, single column, July 4th themed enter to win contest template with a place for people to earn extra entries, prize descriptions, and a leaderboard.

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Good For: Bonus Entry Giveaway - - Leaderboard Giveaway - Refer Friends Giveaway - Single Entry Sweepstakes

Landing Page: July 4th Giveaway With a Leaderboard
Landing Page: July 4th sweepstakes With a Leaderboard Status

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Landing Page: July 4th Giveaway With a Leaderboard
Landing Page: July 4th sweepstakes With a Leaderboard Status