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Book Promotion

There once were two people named Sarah and Jake who both wrote books and decided to launch them online. 

Sarah was determined to make her book a success, so she created an engaging launch campaign that included a great launch contest site, social media ads, and a referral mechanism where people could earn the book free for sharing with friends. She also reached out to book bloggers and other influencers in the publishing industry to help spread the word about her book.

On the other hand, Jake just assumed that people would somehow stumble upon his book online and decided not to put much effort into promoting it. He didn't even have a website for his book, let alone a social media presence.

When the day of the book launch arrived, Sarah's book quickly took off and became a bestseller. She sold millions of copies and was soon making appearances on talk shows and getting rave reviews from critics.

Meanwhile, Jake's book struggled to gain any traction. He sold only a few copies and received little attention from the media.

Sarah was overjoyed by her success and attributed it to her hard work and dedication to promoting her book. Jake, on the other hand, was disappointed and realized that he should have put more effort into promoting his book if he wanted it to be a success.

In the end, Sarah's book became a huge success, while Jake's book faded into obscurity. The lesson was clear: if you want to succeed, you have to put in the effort to make it happen and start with a great online campaign that encourages sharing and referrals. 

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Landing Page: Book Promotion

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Landing Page: Book Promotion