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Book Promotion - Dark Mode

Once upon a time, two authors named Sarah and John decided to launch their books online. 

Sarah spent months carefully crafting an engaging launch campaign, complete with a catchy tagline, a captivating book trailer, social media posts, and an online contest designed to build anticipation for her book.

On the day of her book launch, Sarah's efforts paid off. Her book shot to the top of the bestseller lists and she sold millions of copies. People were captivated by her story and couldn't get enough of it.

John, on the other hand, didn't put much effort into his book launch. He just assumed that people would find him online and buy his book. But on the day of his book launch, he only sold a handful of copies. His book quickly disappeared from the bestseller lists and he struggled to gain any traction.

In the end, Sarah's carefully planned and executed book launch made all the difference. She was able to connect with her audience and sell millions of copies, while John's lackadaisical approach left him languishing in obscurity.

Be like Sarah. Use this theme to launch your book online with a contest & giveaway where people can earn free copies!

Good For: Bonus Entry Giveaway - Book Launch or Promotion - Milestone Rewards by Points - Milestone Rewards by Points - Refer Friends Giveaway - Single Entry Sweepstakes

Landing Page: Book Promotion - Dark Mode

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Landing Page: Book Promotion - Dark Mode