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Samantha was a successful writer, but she had been struggling with writers block for months. She would sit at her desk for hours, staring at a blank page, unable to come up with a single word.

She was starting to lose hope, and was considering giving up on writing altogether. But then, something amazing happened.

As she sat staring at the blank page, she had a sudden inspiration. She started to jot down ideas, and before she knew it, she had come up with the perfect concept for an online contest.

She spent the next couple of hours working on her idea, and when she was finished, she launched the contest. It was a huge success, and quickly became the most popular online contest of the year.

Samantha was thrilled, and she used the success of the contest to launch her new online newsletter, and before long, she had thousands of paid subscribers.

She was overjoyed, and grateful for the breakthrough she had experienced. She knew that without that moment of inspiration using the blank template on KickoffLabs, she might never have overcome her writers block and achieved her dreams...

This is the ultimate DIY template for people that know what they want out of their contest and how to build it with our section library and content parts.

Good For:

Landing Page: Blank

Customize Landing Pages

This landing page template is just a starting point for your campaign in our drag and drop designer. You can easily swap in your brand copy, images, fonts, colors, etc. Go further by adding entirely new content, sections, or contest elements to your landing page. Learn more.

Edit Lead Scoring Actions

Foster engagement by having leads earn extra points or entries in the contest by taking several actions. Examples of scoring actions would include referring friends, visiting your store, making a purchase, or following you online. Learn more.

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Landing Page: Blank