Automate Your Next Viral Contest With KickoffLabs Zapier Integration

Zapier connects KickoffLabs to all the software you rely on. Start zaps with new leads, add/update leads, set lead tags and more!

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Why Integrate Zapier With KickoffLabs?

Automatically Sync Leads From KickoffLabs Into External Platforms and Vice Versa

Engage your existing audience by automatically pushing subscribers into a KickoffLabs campaign. Existing contacts can refer friends outside of your current audience to signup to your newsletter in exchange for points towards rewards.

build a lead list

Tag Leads for Completing an Action Taken Outside of KickoffLabs

Tag and award leads for actions completed, such as making a donation via Stripe or taking a Typeform survey.

Track actions taken outside of KickoffLabs.

Save Hours in Campaign Management

Quickly set-up zaps to automate your daily tasks, push newly signed up leads into CRM's, and build flows between thousands of platforms. No coding required!

Save time on workflows.

Integrate Zapier With KickoffLabs in Seconds

Check out these 3 steps to get started automating your business today!

Create a KickoffLabs campaign.

Choose a Campaign

From prelaunch ideas to established businesses. We have a campaign that will meet everyone’s needs!

Connect your campaign to Zapier.

Connect to Zapier

Automatically push leads as they signup into a Google sheet of your choosing.

Set-up your workflow in Zapier.

Set Your Workflow

Build your newsletter list as new leads sign-up to a KickoffLabs campaign.

Examples of Zapier Workflows

Save hours off of your workload with these 3 simple workflow examples!

Create a Slack notificaiton.

Connect to Slack

Receive a Slack alert when a new lead signs up!

Push leads into a spreadsheet.

Create a Spreadsheet

Automatically add leads and campaign data into a spreadsheet.

Grow your newsletter.

Automate a Newsletter

Build your newsletter list as new leads sign-up to the contest.

Why KickoffLabs?

Offer incentives like rewards they can earn after getting a certain number of friends and family to sign up, run contests, give those who share earlier access and more!

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