Popup Link Form

Collect more leads by placing simple links on your website to open a KickoffLabs capture form with a viral boost!

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Convert your landing page or website into a fully automated lead capture machine

KickoffLabs Popup Link Form lets you collect leads virally without cluttering up your current page design.

You can link buttons, images, text and more to a form popup that appears directly over your page. Or you could set it up to popup automatically after a certain amount of time.

Fully integrated with KickoffLabs powerful lead generation tools

Easy install on your custom landing page designs and third-party templates. Copy-and-paste a few lines of code.

  • popup a form on your existing design, anywhere you can place a link!
  • each signup gets their own unique sharing link.
  • keep signups engaged with automatic email replies and other viral emails.

Link to thank you pages for a viral signup experience

After people sign up on your form, they will see a simple confirmation message with social share links.

You could also redirect leads to a dedicated KickoffLabs thank you page – complete with social referrals, and reward levels!


3 high-converting layouts to choose from

Style your popup choosing between a standard stacked, side-by-side split, or go fullscreen.

Either way our software helps make sure your offer doesn’t go unnoticed.