Expand your audience inside and out of Facebook with a KickoffLabs contest!

KickoffLabs grows your Facebook audience with viral giveaways, sweepstakes, and where fans earn points and rewards for referring friends, growing your audience, and promoting your brand online!

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Why Integrate Facebook With KickoffLabs?

Use a KickoffLabs Campaign to Grow Your Facebook Audience

Leads can refer friends outside of your current audience in exchange for points toward rewards. Award leads for actions such as following your company Facebook page or sharing the contest with their Facebook friends!

KickoffLabs Thank You pages is where the viral magic happens.

Convert Your Facebook Audience Into Newsletter Leads

No matter what niche you're in, your email list is the most vital asset to your business. Facebook leads can easily sign-up to your newsletter allowing you to award your most loyal subscribers.

KickoffLabs Thank You pages is where the viral magic happens.

Ways to Integrate Facebook With a KickoffLabs Campaign

Check out these 6 simple integrations below and start growing your list today!

Comeplte Facebook actions for points

Facebook Actions

Leads can now easily share the contest, engage with your brand, and refer their friends on Facebook with a click of a button! Get started with actions for your next contest!

Push leads into Facebook audiences

Facebook Audiences

Automatically push leads from KickoffLabs into Facebook Audiences. Get more leads, larger audiences, and profit!

Signup via Facebook button

Add a Signup Button

KickoffLabs supports one click signup with Facebook on any landing page, making it easier than ever for leads to opt-in!

Facebook pixel

Facebook Pixel

KickoffLabs lets you easily implement Facebook conversion tracking using the Facebook Pixel, making it simple to track your ad performance.

Facebook retargeting

Retarget Leads

Easily retarget traffic that visited your landing page. Retargeting results in higher conversion rates and lower cost-per-click averages than other types of ads!

Facebook conversion API

Conversion API

Track conversions online & offline. Send web events from KickoffLabs directly to Facebook. Server events are linked to a pixel and are processed like browser pixel events.

Why KickoffLabs?

Offer incentives like rewards they can earn after getting a certain number of friends and family to sign up, run contests, give those who share earlier access and more!

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