Quickly add a Contest Box to your site.

KickoffLabs Contest Boxes allow you setup viral contests on your site in minutes without any technical knowledge! Run a contest box as a pop-up, embedded into a page on your site, or both!

They support every KickoffLabs campaign type and can be customized to include campaign actions, rewards, leaderboards, and customer referral mechanics.

Build a contest quickly on your existing website with contest box.

A KickoffLabs Campaign... On YOUR site.

Run as an embedded contest, a pop-up, or both!

Embedded Contest Box

Quickly create dedicated contest pages by embedding the contest box anywhere on your site.

Contest Box pop-up

Pop-up the contest box automatically across your site or create a dedicated button to open the contest box.

Every contest feature you need... In a box.

The best giveaway features deployed in record time!

Lead Actions

Foster engagement by having leads earn extra points or entries in the contest by taking a number of actions.

Encourage leads to take action to earn points.


Set specific reward goals for leads to meet that unlock rewards that can be delivered automatically via email.

Rewards that can be reused around the entire campaign.

Contest Countdown & Leaderboard

Add an end date and optionally show people how they stack up overall by adding a leaderboard to your contest box.

A leaderboard inside a contest box.

Personalized Contest Greetings

Create a personal greeting on your campaigns for visitors from their own friends to dramatically boost your conversion rates!

A personal greeting for contests on top of your contest box.

Contest Rules and Privacy

Define one set of policies and rules that can be shown inside the contest box or opened from any Landing Page.

Contest rules inside a contest box.

Advanced Fraud Protection

Prevent fake contest entries and referrals from mucking up your campaign. We've got some tools to help with that.

We label fraudulent leads.

Smart Defaults and Easy Editing

Smart Defaults

A Contest Box is automatically created for you and customized for your contest type.

Customizable Forms

Add a phone number, first name, or select from any number of custom form fields.

Reusable Actions and Rewards

Contest Box uses campaign wide settings for lead actions, reward levels, and common text parts to save you time.

Fully Localizable

We may only speak english, but your campaign can be translated into any language.

Smart defaults by contest type
Quick setup with simple editing
Fully localizable
Customizable forms
Reusable contest parts.

Gamify Existing Customer Flows With Contest Box

Checkout Boost

Give people who've recently purchased a chance to participate in your contest.

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KOL Landing Pages

Use Contest Box to add a viral boost to one page campaigns from KickoffLabs

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AnyForm Confirmation

Combine AnyForm and Contest Box to any non-KickoffLabs hosted form.

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