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You want to be nimble for online gaming!

By Josh Ledgard

Aug 15th, 2011

Nimble ServersWe believe that for KickoffLabs to succeed our customers need to be successful. We’re going to be featuring some of the startups launching with our service and let them tell their story.  If you’d like your KickoffLabs site featured here send mail to josh@kickofflabs.com.

Zac from Nimble Servers is the first customer to take us up on this offer. They are looking for beta customers that want to rent servers for online games by the hour!

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Tell us about Nimble Servers

We are an on demand game server provider based in the UK and will be

launching a beta here soon.

A lot of video games on the PC require game servers in order to play

online. Traditionally somebody would have to rent this server, paying

a monthly subscription. Very few servers will be constantly in use,

especially team servers that are used for practising or playing

matches on.

With our service customers will pay only when they are using the

server. This has a number advantages with the most obvious being a

much cheaper service. While the exact pricing is currently being

finalized, we have worked out that in order to make the current

monthly services cheaper, you would have to play 5 hours a day, every

day for a month.

2. Who or what inspires you and why?

We are gamers who have been through the process of having to rent

servers and feel there’s been enough advances in technology to do away

with the traditional method.

**3. What advice do you have for anyone just getting started with a new


You’ll be surprised how many resources are out there for helping

start-ups, from services like this to seed investors.

4. What do you like most about KickoffLabs?

The short time to get up and running is brilliant. Also the support

here is great!

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