What is Engagement Marketing and Why It's Critical

By Meagan Kral

If you are a part of the marketing world, then you know that the biggest keyword for a while now has been “engagement”. In the context of digital marketing, engagement is defined as how consumers interact directly with your brand. This can be through many different actions, including clicks, likes, comments, and shares. Engagement is important to your brand because it not only increases your reach and relevance over the internet, it can potentially create profitable relationships between you and your customers.

Strategies that focus on stimulating this kind of behavior in your audience are critical to creating a better brand experience, which leads to a higher conversion rate. That is where Engagement Marketing comes into play, and it is what we are discussing in this blog post. So if you don’t know what Engagement Marketing means or want to learn about ways to apply it to your business, keep reading.

Why is engagement marketing critical

What is Non-Engaged “One-Way” Marketing?

Non-engaged or “one-way” marketing is defined as anything that you put out into the world for marketing that does not get active participation from your audience. Some examples of non-engaged marketing include advertisements, newsletters, blog posts, or the posting of any first party content. Another way to conceptualize non-engaged marketing is as one of those generic emails you get from a big chain retailer. You probably see a couple dozen of them in a day, and you most likely delete it without even opening it–that is non-engaged marketing. You do not engage with the content, nor were you ever enticed to.

What is Engagement Marketing?

Engagement Marketing is an umbrella term for strategies, techniques, and practices that are focused on increasing audience participation. If a customer engages with your content, it is easier for you to guide them to the purchase decision. In this sense, a customer is less a recipient of a generalized marketing message and more an interactive collaborator. By employing high quality targeted content in a two way conversation, your business creates meaningful interactions with your audience.

What are the Benefits of Engagement Marketing?

There are many potential benefits to utilizing Engagement Marketing strategies. Obviously, one of these benefits is that a solid Engagement Marketing plan eventually leads to an increase in sales. But that should be a long term goal, not a short term one, and there are several other ways Engagement Marketing can benefit your business in the here and now.

For example, if you consider your digital strategy as a whole, you need two basic things in place to be successful: an attractive website and a high degree of authority. But another thing that is crucial to your digital strategy’s success is engagement. Even if you have a solid SEO strategy that gets potential customers on to your website, they must remain engaged in order for them to become a lead and eventually convert. That’s just one reason why Engagement Marketing is so important, and only one example of how it can benefit your business.

Check out some others below:

What are Examples of Engagement Marketing?

There are many different ways to conduct Engagement Marketing. Remember that no matter what type of content you publish, it must resonate with your audience, complete the goals you set at the beginning of your campaign, and influence your audience to engage with your brand.

Additionally, you cannot be afraid to change directions. If you think your content angle is not working, scrap it or replace it with something new. A great tip is to learn from your competitors by visiting their social media or websites. You will no doubt spark your own content creation ideas once you see what others in your niche are doing.

Here are some examples of Engagement Marketing:

Additional Resources To Help With Your Engagement Marketing

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