Viral Monkeys Escape Lab! We’ve added MailChimp Support.

By Josh Ledgard

imageI can’t believe how many of you told us you wanted this little monkey butler to delivery your emails. It’s time to rejoice! You can now sync a KickoffLabs sign up list with a MailChimp list!

What could I use this for?

  1. Use KickoffLabs to build a viral newsletter sign up page!
  2. Encourage more customer shares by making  all your emails more viral!
  3. Magically sync all your signups with a world class newsletter platform.
  4. Send your auto-responses via MailChimp
  5. Send classier emails to your KickoffLabs signups!

Click here to read our complete guide.

But I don’t use MailChimp!?!?

Now you have a good reason to do so. :) Our existing email responders and newsletter support isn’t going away. We just know that some of you need a bit more.

If you use another service besides MailChimp… let us know. You can still export your sign up list directly to that service until we get around to syncing EVERYWHERE.


Josh & Scott

Founders – KickoffLabs

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