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Use PPC ads to test your message

By Josh Ledgard

Apr 6th, 2011

It’s yet to be proven to me that pay per click advertising has any value to a new business as a way of attracting customers. Earlier this week we started running some targeted ads on the LinkedIn ad platform for KickoffLabs. I’m just glad they gave us free credits because I can’t yet trace a sign-up through that channel. So what value can these ad services have for your new business?

Treat PPC ad campaigns as an experiment. You want to see what variation of your message performs better so you can refine your landing pages.

On LinkedIn we ran two ads that both targeted lean startup and new business related groups.  I wanted to know if direct or abstract wording drew more customers. Which of the following would you click on?





So far the direct message is resonating a lot better. LinkedIn is picking the ad much more frequently and the CTR is 25-35% higher depending on the day.

The Lessons

A. If you think about PPC as an experiment instead of a way to get customers you’ll be happier.

B. Simple and direct beats abstract messaging.

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