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Use Analytics, Chat, Surveys & Other Services with KickoffLabs sites

By Josh Ledgard

Jul 11th, 2011

You can do a lot more with your landing pages than just collect email addresses. You can now embed custom Javascripts into your KickoffLabs sites! To see it in action:

  1. Sign into KickoffLabs
  2. From your KickoffLabs dashboard click “Open Settings” on a site
<img src="/assets/images/wp-content-archive/2011/07/Open-KickoffLabs-Settings.webp" alt="Open KickoffLabs Settings" width="721" height="159" class="aligncenter img-thumbnail size-full wp-image-1709"   />   3. Scroll down to the &#8220;More Options&#8230;&#8221; section   4. Click on &#8220;Footer Scripts&#8221;
<img src="/assets/images/wp-content-archive/2011/07/More-Options-KickoffLabs.webp" alt="More Options KickoffLabs" width="786" height="302" class="aligncenter img-thumbnail size-full wp-image-1710"   />   5. Paste in the script( s ) of your choice and Click &#8220;Save Draft&#8221;. (Note: You’ll only be able to paste/save this setting with a paid account. ) [**Upgrade Today!**](https://app.kickofflabs.com/pricing)
<img src="/assets/images/wp-content-archive/2011/07/Add-Javascript-KickoffLabs.webp" alt="Add Javascript KickoffLabs" width="701" height="319" class="aligncenter img-thumbnail size-full wp-image-1711"   />   6. You&#8217;ll then be able to &#8220;Publish Change&#8221; or &#8220;Preview Change&#8221; before pushing live to your site.

You can use this blank canvas to paste scripts from any service.  For example:

  • Beef up your web analytics by using your Google Analytics code.
  • Ask site visitors questions with Qualaroo while they are signing up.
  • Integrate with popular feedback services like Uservoice or GetSatisfaction.
  • Anything else you can embed with some Javascript.

We’re committed to providing the best out of the box experience for our customers, but we’re realists and realize that we just can’t give everyone every stat, feature, or integration, etc that you might want.  So we’re starting with a pretty generic integration point and seeing what you’ll do with it.

Plus it was the first request from paying customers… so enjoy folks! Smile


– Josh, Co-founder KickoffLabs

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