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Tips and Tricks to Make Your Memorial Day Giveaway a Success

By Meagan Kral

Apr 9th, 2023

To the casual observer, Memorial Day may seem like another opportunity for cookouts and playing patriotic music. However, it has a long history of remembering American soldiers who paid the ultimate price.

When you acknowledge Memorial Day with a giveaway to surprise and delight your clients, they will appreciate you taking the time to remember the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen our country has lost. While it is a solemn occasion, it is also an excellent opportunity for sales.

maemorial day social share infographic

Ways To Engage Your Audience

While bringing leads to your website or social media is great, the goal is always to convert and make a sale. The following tactics are excellent strategies for connecting with your clients and getting them to participate in your efforts.

Photo Contest

memorial day photo contest example

Americans are proud of our family members and friends who have served in the Armed Forces, whether they saw combat or not. And photo contests are really effective at getting people’s attention and boosting your brand.

This is because user-generated content competitions are great for spreading the word about your business. All of this stuff would also be visually appealing, which would only promote your cause.

In light of that, consider the following picture contest concepts for your Memorial Day advertising drive:

Cemetery photos: Images of cemeteries embodying Memorial Day’s spirit could be requested. Since the original intent of Memorial Day was to spend time decorating the graves of soldiers, this custom continues in many areas today. Family members of veterans will be proud to share.

Branded photos: If appropriate, encourage customers to share images of themselves using your brand’s items on social media.

Photos of Memorial Day decorations: Request your followers share images of how they’ve decorated their homes for the holiday.

One of the most excellent things about these competitions is that you get to choose how entries will be submitted. Either they may fill out an entry form or use a branded hashtag to participate in your contest (which aids lead generation).

Ask for a Memory

memorial day memory contest example

Memorial Day is an appropriate time to ask your customers to share a memory of special veterans in their lives, whether friends or family. Encourage active conversations among your clients and share the results on your social media or website.

Tag Your Loved Ones

memorial day memory tag a friend example

Have your entrants tag a veteran in their life and express their appreciation in the comments, offering extra entries for those who tag their loved ones and reshare your post to their profile.

Offer a Discount to Veterans

memorial day discount example

Giving veterans a discount on a product or service is an excellent way to show your appreciation to them on Memorial Day. Sure, lots of businesses do this on Veterans Day, but honoring our veterans while they’re here might serve as a novel idea.

Prize Ideas for Your Memorial Day Giveaway

For your Memorial Day giveaway to succeed, the reward you provide must appeal to your target demographic. Consider these great gift ideas for Memorial Day:

A gift certificate or voucher

Offering a gift card or gift certificate to your business makes sense. Those visiting your website or social media may already be fans of your business, and if they’re first-time visitors, winning the contest will allow them to become loyal customers.

Complimentary goods

A thoughtfully curated gift basket with items from your business will always be a nice prize. Ensure that the gift basket contains a mix of inexpensive and higher-end products. Consider a coupon book if your business focuses on services rather than products.

Appliances or Tools

Everyone likes a new household appliance or tool set. Consider a Smart home device, air fryer, pressure cooker, or saw or drill. An excellent new tool or appliance will be an attractive prize for your contest.

Custom Coupons

Providing coupons or gift certificates to your business or a group of other local businesses will be appreciated by your contestants.

Airline tickets

Providing airfare to a getaway for your contest winners is a generous, attractive prize. It will generate a lot of interest in the contest, to be sure!

Reservations to a nice restaurant

This prize follows the theme of honoring and pampering the veterans among your customers. Providing a nice evening out will be a delightful way to have people competing in your event.

Essential Elements for Your Memorial Day Giveaway

memorial day landing page

By emphasizing visuals, narrowing down on potential participants, and increasing the time pressure to sign up, you can easily create the ideal giveaway and get customers enthusiastic about your offer. Creating a giveaway shouldn’t need to be hard. In fact, you can easily get a giveaway up and running within a weekend with KickoffLabs’ Memorial Day template.

The Memorial Day template comes with several pre-configured widgets (preconfigured to the campaign type chosen) and a Memorial Day color scheme. We generate a unique share url for every lead that signs up, and added our contest actions feature, making it easier for leads to share the giveaway with their friends and boost engagement and discover new audiences.

memorial day actions

KickoffLabs offers over 50 actions to choose from across multiple platforms.

We’ve also included best practices of what to keep in mind while building your givewaway.

Background Visuals The presentation of your freebie is critical to its success. If you want people to enter your contest and provide their personal information because they think you run a legitimate company, you must act like one. Take care to plan and design your images with skill. Your Prize Should Be Eye-Catching. Let’s be real: this is about winning, and that’s OK. Make the reward evident by making it the page’s central focus, and don’t be afraid to stress its importance.

That’s Where You’re Supposed to Click: The CTA Make sure the button to click is prominent and simple to find. Don’t beat about the bush; be specific, and ensure contestants understand what you want them to perform from the get-go!

The Final Countdown Stress the importance of this! People tend to waste time when they believe they have it, but when faced with a ticking clock, they move quickly to meet the deadline. Put it to good use and watch the number of clicks you get increase.

Can You Please Expand? Add an “extra information” page to your offer so that those who prefer to read the small print can learn more about the rules, the prizes up for grabs, the sign-up deadline, and more.

No Extra Info or Links Don’t leave your readers with other things to consider. Increase your signup rate by reducing the number of links on the giveaway page to just one.

Terms and Conditions They’re necessary, but nobody like reading them. Our recommendation is to avoid making them a focal point of your presentation. Just provide a link to them so that interested parties may read them at their leisure; this will ensure that they are not distracted from your gift in any way. Check out our boilerplate terms template to help get you started.


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