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The new economy demands you start small to prove ROI

By Josh Ledgard

Apr 4th, 2011

lineupAgile development started with early adopters. The basic premise is that you start small and bite off small chunks of work and validate them before moving to the next chunk.  But this methodology is not limited to software development. It may have started there, but it won’t end there.

This takes the start small agile concept to the extreme edge of validating the idea before you develop anything. The idea is that people want to dip their toe in before committing a ton of money to something that will fail. The new economy is one where people test for ROI first.

Marketing teams, for example, are adopting agile methodologies since as daily stand-ups and even using tools like agilezen.com to track smaller chunks of work through a work stream. They are also realizing that there is no better customer research than actually trying something.

Start small and see if people share your beliefs and form a line.

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