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The Faster and Stronger KickoffLabs Page Editor Now Live

By Josh Ledgard

Nov 7th, 2013

Creating landing pages for campaigns should be simple, fast and fun for you. Over the past few months we’ve been collecting feedback, and you’ve told us the KickoffLabs landing page editor needs to be simpler AND more flexible.

We’ve heard you loud and clear, so today we’re introducing our new and improved page editor!

Take a minute to watch this video and get caught up, or keep reading for more details.

Now Simpler and Faster!


In-line content editing

You can now make changes right on the landing page. Simply click, and edit. A pop up menu will appear for you to insert your pictures, videos and more. Everything happens instantly, so you don’t have to wait for the editor to load to see your change.

Instant Preview

You can now take a full preview of your landing page without having to open a new window. Just click on the hide editor tab (eye icon), and it disappears! Click on it again and it all comes back.

Simpler Sidebar Options

Whether you’re editing your form, changing fonts, setting colors, editing the Facebook share experience, or controlling the theme options, it’s all controlled from the sidebar on the left. And it’s now consistent on every theme, so you’ll know where to go every single time.


Even More Flexible


Great new “back of page” settings

Every theme now exposes a “Settings” tab that lets you configure the page title, meta-description, and Facebook share image.

Google Fonts

You didn’t think it was possible, but we’ve integrated even more fonts from Google right into KickoffLabs! You can find them under the fonts tab for every theme.

New Theme Options

Every landing page theme now exposes a more flexible set of options for content locations, layout, colors, and social media links.

And despite all these changes, every KickoffLabs landing page is still designed to be responsive in order to meet the needs of your mobile customer. You simply don’t have to worry about it!

Try Upgraded Editing Yourself…

Click here to try out the new editor. If you have an existing landing page you can delete it and start fresh with one of our new responsive themes OR choose “more” > “Change Theme” and “Reset” your theme to see the latest editing experience.

Love (or hate) the changes? Let us know by simply replying to this mail!


Josh Ledgard

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