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Taking a stand… and how everyone reading this can help

By Josh Ledgard

Aug 14th, 2017

Today (8/14/2017) we updated the Terms of Service at KickoffLabs to make our stance on hate crystal clear: 

Hate speech, harassment, bullying, and threats will not be tolerated on the KickoffLabs platform. 

I’ve included the full text of the update at the bottom of this post. While we believe in free speech we do not believe that white supremacists, terrorists, and other hate groups are entitled to a megaphone that makes their ideas easier to spread on the internet. 

We’re not Facebook, Google, or Microsoft, but we strongly encourage them, our partners, competitors, and anyone with an online business to take a similar stance. Do not provide hatred with a vehicle to spread ignorance and incite the kind of violence we’ve witnessed recently. 

Take a stand. Take a stand with your own companies and take a stand by pushing the big guys to enforce their own TOS policies. 

In addition to making our terms of service crystal clear: 

  1. We’re creating a better way for us to automatically flag and quickly remove people who violate these and other TOS.
  2. If you are an organization that promotes voter rights, tolerance, or other anti-discrimination efforts and want to use KickoffLabs…  Just email support@kickofflabs.com and let us know. We’d like to hook you up with an account and help. 


Josh & Scott

Founders – KickoffLabs

**Full text of the update: **

Hate Speech Will Not be Tolerated

Our product is designed to help organizations and businesses grow their audience. But we do not and will not support content and campaigns that promote or condone violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity, or whose primary purpose is inciting hatred on the basis of these core characteristics. 

We recognize that this is a balancing act, but if the primary purpose is to attack individuals or protected groups, the content and campaign crosses the line and will be removed. 

We will not provide hatred with a voice. If you feel there is content that crosses these lines being hosted by our product please contact support@kickofflabs.com.

Harassment, Bullying, and Threats Will Not be Tolerated

Do not engage in harassing, bullying, or threatening behavior, and do not incite others to engage in these activities. Anyone using KickoffLabs to single someone out for malicious abuse, to threaten someone with serious harm, to sexualize a person in an unwanted way, or to harass in other ways may have the offending content removed or be permanently banned from using the Services. In emergency situations, we may escalate imminent threats of serious harm to law enforcement. Keep in mind that online harassment is also illegal in many places and can have serious offline consequences for both the harasser and the victim.

If you feel someone is being bullied by content or campaigns hosted by our product please contact support@kickofflabs.com

Our complete TOS is located here: https://kickofflabs.com/legal/terms-of-service/

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