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St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway Ideas and Essential Resources for Your Brand

By Meagan Kral

Mar 13th, 2023

On a typically cold March day, you’ll find many Americans dressing head to toe in green and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. While technically a feast day for Christians, St. Patrick’s Day has morphed into a global celebration of all things Irish. Because the Irish diaspora is so wide, many countries have their own interpretation of what they do on the day. But in terms of scale and reputation, North America has the largest celebrations.

The day is also a marketing team’s dream come true. There are plenty of Irish themed promotions and campaigns run in the weeks leading up to March 17 each year. And while the driving force behind much of these has a focus on alcoholic beverages, there are still plenty of other ways to engage with a broad range of potential new customers, reconnect with existing ones and grow better leads.

Let’s look at some fantastic ideas you could use for your next giveaway with a St. Patrick’s theme!

St Patricks social image

How You Can Grab An Audience’s Attention… and Keep it!

When you need to increase conversions, creating a connection is typically the clincher. Here’s some ways you can do just that around this year’s St. Patrick’s Day.

Poll St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

Drink poll

As mentioned, St. Patrick’s Day is less of a Saint’s Feast Day and more about reveling in the fun. People always have a go-to drink and given the influence, shall we say, of alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day, you could ask social media followers to vote on their favorite beverage that they enjoy on the day. Of course, you could also throw in some non-alcoholic varietals too, like the Shamrock Shake!

Fun Facts Posts

Fun facts about st patricks day

As with any holiday or themed day, St. Patrick’s Day has a unique history behind it. Why not share some historic facts about the day, or about Ireland in general to get people to engage with you brand.

Hold a Limerick Contest

Limerick contest

Get your audience to dust off their Junior High School level poetry writing skills and see what fun limericks they can create. You could narrow it down to the final three on the day before St. Patrick’s Day and announce the winner on the day itself.

Recipe Sharing

Share a recipe

A good drink should be paired with good food, and there are plenty of famous Irish dishes that get served up on St. Patrick’s Day. Encourage your followers to share their traditional recipes or newer recipes ‘inspired’ by Ireland/St. Patrick’s Day.

Memory Tagging

memories of st patricks day

Encourage your followers to recreate St. Patrick’s Days of years past and relive some memories, both the blurry and the clear ones. They’ll love seeing their silly, dressed up shenanigans of yesteryear! Encourage them to post pics, use your hashtags and “at” their friends.

‘Pot o’ Gold’ Prize ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

Everybody loves a prize, and your customers will feel like lucky leprechauns this St. Patrick’s Day with these ideas.

Bar/Liquor Label Swag

giftbasket contest

This day is essentially Christmas Day for bars and pubs and liquor brands have plenty of merch and swag they can give away to thirsty partygoers. And quite often, the sillier and greener the better! Make sure you get plenty of photos of the prizewinners in their gear at your venue.

Trips to Ireland

win a trip to Ireland

Why not go all out and offer a stay in Ireland so entrants get the chance to experience the real Ireland?

Tickets to events/tours

concert giveaway

Offer a chance to join a brewery, distillery tour, or even a live concert!

Bar/Restaurant Gift Vouchers

gift card giveaway

A gift voucher that can be used on a bill at a bar or restaurant is a great way to encourage return visits after the fun and chaos of St. Patrick’s Day has finished.

Pet Presents

Pet contest

While humans love to get into the spirit of an event, maybe the only other living thing that enjoys being dressed up as much as us are our lovable four-legged companions. Giveaways of pet products with a St. Patrick’s theme will be met with lots of “awwwww’s” and “how cute”. People interact with pet photos a lot too remember!

Creating a fun St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway: It’s More Than Just Being Green!

If you’re looking for a way to launch an engaging St. Patrick’s Day giveaway, KickoffLabs is the perfect platform to get started. Our St. Patrick’s Day template is designed specifically for this occasion, featuring eye-catching graphics and customizable features that make it easy to create a unique and engaging contest.

KickoffLabs St Patrick's Day Template

With KickoffLabs, you can easily set up landing pages, create email campaigns, and track progress with our powerful analytics tools to assist with making data-driven decisions improving your campaign’s performance.

The St Patrick’s Day template comes with several pre-configured widgets (custom to the campaign type chosen) and include the lead’s unique share URL along with our popular contest actions feature making it easier than ever to boost word of mouth engagement with your brand.

KickoffLabs action widget

To make your giveaway truly stand out, you’ll want to consider these elements too.

People Together, Having Fun

The Gaelic word ‘craic’ refers to people enjoying a chat and each other’s company. So, when you have images in your giveaway promos, focus on groups of people or couples having a craic. St. Patrick’s Day is a day of celebration and coming together – so show people doing just that!

Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day

Borrow this concept found in most Irish bars and have a countdown to the day to create a sense of pending urgency and to build excitement.

Prominent CTAs

Make it easy for your leads to interact with content with buttons and links that enter them quickly into your giveaway and secure their details for further communication later.

T’s & C’s and other info

Make sure these can be found easily and a link is available to them. You don’t want them to distract from the giveaway and take up valuable content real estate, but they are legally required.

Launch a St Patrick’s Day Giveaway Today

Now that you’re ready to create your St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway or Contest, why not take advantage of KickoffLabs’ St. Patrick’s Day template and launch an exciting giveaway that your audience will love? In a few clicks, you can boost your sales, broaden your audience, and connect better with them more authentically. Get started today and create memorable giveaways easily at kickofflabs.com

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