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Speed Pitching KickoffLabs to Entrepreneurs

By Josh Ledgard

Aug 8th, 2011

imageRecently I had the opportunity to participate in a speed pitching event to a group of entrepreneurs in Seattle. I was one of five people pitching.

We had three minutes to sell our product and the winner was determined by applause.  We ended up coming in a virtual tie for first.  Here here was the pitch…

Hello Everyone!

My name is Josh Ledgard, I’m the co-founder of KickoffLabs and I… I had a dream… who else here has had a dream?

But I had a problem. 

I didn’t have one dream I had 20 dreams and they all sounded good. My co-founder and I spent the time to write out detailed business plans for 5-6 of these dreams. Still they all looked good on paper and we were stumped.  

What mattered… what really mattered to us was whether or not we could prove someone was willing to trade me some form of currency for one of our dreams. 

What we needed to do was

  • put up landing pages for all of the ideas,
  • write a few blog posts,
  • network a bit,
  • and see which one got more people to trade their attention in the form of an email address… which we’ll call the appropriate currency for a product they couldn’t buy yet.


And thus the idea for KickoffLabs was born.  All business is an experiment… With KickoffLabs you can set up one or more experiments in the form of a landing page in 60 seconds… 

If you can’t collect at least 100 people to sign up for your newsletter… don’t quit your day job.  If you can… then let us help you start working with them and gathering insights that help you refine your pitch and your product one small step a a time.  It’s lean awesome!

KickoffLabs is also great for crafting beautiful landing pages or for small businesses that just need to get a “business card” on the web, build a mailing list, and send out special offers to keep customers coming back…

That’s our story…  I’ll use my last minute to highlight what’s REALLY important… my customers and what they say about KickoffLabs….

“KickoffLabs makes creating a launching soon page super easy. Don’t bother try to make one yourself.”

Ryan – He wants to see if there is room in the market for another idea marketplace. Think fantasy football for ideas.

I’m digging the excellent customer service you guys have. We love the product and will continue to use it for quick sign-up sites. –

Chris – He’s going to be selling private label cigars and an app that tracks your home poker games… I guess we know what he does on the weekend.

“I wanted a landing page and I was given a quote for $2500! THen I found you. I am very impressed with your site and thankful that I am with KickoffLabs. You saved me allot of grief etc. Customer for life.”

David’s building a new way for people to swap physical goods online. 

That’s Customer Love from people that pay us… that’s all the verification any experiment needs right?

What do I want from you?  What i want is what I’d tell anyone out there…

Start small. You don’t have to quit your job to put up a site and take those first steps that will let you know if anyone is really interested.

Let us worry about the landing page… we’ll build that, send your email follow ups, and deliver analytics to your inbox while you build your business. 

Try KickoffLabs free tonight, tell your friends about us, and tell me what you think of the experience.  I want to know and I want to help you all be successful.

Finally – I need you all to cheer as loud as possible when we come up for a vote.

Thanks and Good Night!!!

Don’t worry… we’re open for business and won’t force you to pimp out your friends for a landing page that looks just like everyone else’s.

What do you think? I wish I had a video of the event to share, but none was taken.  It was a lot of fun and harder than you’d think to get a good pitch down to three minutes.

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