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Should you have a blog for your business? YES!

By Josh Ledgard

Jul 13th, 2011

imageSo you have a website and you’re building a customer list…  Should I have a blog to promote my business too?


I’ll explain why with some telling statistics since we launched KickoffLabs.

25% Traffic

** The percentage of KickoffLabs traffic that comes from the blog. This means that 1/4 of the time someone found us online… it was because of the blog.

2X Pages per Visit

**The average number of pages blog based visitors viewed in comparison to any other traffic source. This means that blog traffic is more engaged because they were attracted to your product via the content in your blog compared to other sources with less context.

3X  Time on Site

The amount of time spent on the site by blog based visitors compared to other traffic. This is another engagement measurement that tells you people reading the blog have self selected in.

Basically this says that the blog acts as a net that grabs 1/4 of our traffic.  This 25% is also much more likely to convert over time based on their engagement numbers compared to other traffic sources. Facebook and Twitter alone just don’t cut it. Those visitors are way less engaged. 

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