Seven questions that will increase the conversion rate on your landing page

By Josh Ledgard

Another component of our eBook will discuss how to increase the conversion rates of your launch page.  I’ll tell you that unless you are famous just publishing a teaser isn’t going to work.  Beyond that I’ll turn it over to our expert. SmileHere is a snippet from our latest article…

Conversion begins with the right message

Now that you have your landing page, how can you convert the customers that show up? As a Web site or business owner, you know what you want your customers to do. But before you type anything, I invite you to clear out a few moments and answer the following questions in written format. Don’t cheat (like I do) and answer them in your head before sprinting on to the next paragraph. New doc or blank piece of paper—whatever you choose—be sure to write these down. As an example, I’ll include responses for one of my current client projects.

Answering these questions gives you a solid set of messages from which to work.


For more tips about optimizing your conversion rate read the full article.

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