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15 Practical Uses for AI in Sales and Marketing Today

By Hannah Denson

Jan 10th, 2023

Artificial Intelligence has been on our minds and in our imaginations for decades. However, in the past several years, artificial intelligence has moved from the realm of science fiction to reality. Now, it’s more than just a cool concept. Some of the most recently developed AI tools can give you a massive productivity boost, especially regarding your marketing and sales efforts. 

Will Ferrell Zoolander "AI is so hot right now"
From crafting outlines to suggesting edits and even generating completed ad creative, here are some of the coolest practical applications for AI your business should start using in 2023.

Improve Your Writing

One of our favorite tools is Grammarly. Grammarly’s features go far beyond checking for spelling, grammar, and usage mistakes. It can also analyze the clarity of your writing and how engaging it is for your audience. Although it cannot generate text for you outright, it will offer suggestions to improve whole sentences or paragraphs and rewrite them for you with just a single click. In addition, Grammarly gives you feedback on the tone of your writing. Trying to write a formal email? Grammarly will tell you if your writing sounds professional or casual as you type. This helps you better craft content that will resonate with your audience. It also includes a thorough plagiarism-checking feature that will compare your work with writing from across the web and tell you if there are any close matches that you might want to review. Your paper will receive a score based on how much of it seems to be unoriginal content. 

example of improving grammar, adding a comma to separate thoughts

Generate Subject Lines for Emails or Titles for Blog Posts 

A snappy blog title or email subject line can grab readers’ attention and convince them to keep reading. However, you’re not alone if you struggle to come up with an endless supply of engaging, informative titles or subject lines for your content. AI tools like the ChatGPTby Open AI can help do this for you. Simply summarize the body of your email or blog post and ask the bot to generate a certain number of titles or subjects. 

Generate subject lines for marketing professionals using AI

Generate subject lines for marketing professionals to get more done in a day using AI

Brainstorm Ideas and Outlines for Blog Posts and Articles

 Consistent content is the key to keeping your audience engaged. However, it’s not just titles and subject lines that can start to run dry. Spend enough years producing blog posts and emails weekly, if not more frequently, and you’ll eventually feel like you’re running out of ideas. Chatbots like ChatGPTcan generate an idea for a new post from just a simple question. Once you’ve narrowed down your topic, you can even have the chatbot generate an outline for you to help you get writing.  

Asking AI questions

Use An Interview with a Robot as Unique Content

You can also use the chatbot as the content. We did this on an episode of our podcast: KickoffLabs Most Asked Contest Questions VS ChatGPT. We asked ChatGPT some of our most frequently asked questions and read the responses. This is a unique type of content that not many companies are producing, so being among the first to capitalize on this feature of AI can help you generate interest and attention for your site. The idea that robots can “think” for themselves and communicate almost like humans is an intriguing idea for many. The best part is that the content will still be informative. 

Interview answer from AI. Should I give away a Telsa?

Write Short Creative Copy

Creating landing pages for all of your services, products, or offerings is a great way to optimize your website for search engine crawlers and drive more traffic. However, you need content for all of those landing pages. Asking a chatbot like ChatGPT to generate a short story related to the product or service you want to highlight. Once the bot has generated the initial content, you can ask it to refine details and produce subsequent drafts until you have exactly what you’re looking for. 

Short story example written by AI for our landing pages.

Transcribe Audio Quickly and Affordably 

If you produce audio-based content—like podcasts or vlogs—transcription can make it more accessible. Transcription and closed captioning are essential if you want deaf or hard-of-hearing customers to benefit from your content. Posting the transcript of your podcast can help improve your SEO and boost your rankings on the search engine results page. Tools like Rev can generate complete transcriptions that are 99% accurate in moments for around $1 per minute of audio. We use Rev.com for this today.

Have AI Take Meeting Notes for You 

Transcriptions don’t have to be for pre-recorded audio. AI tools like Otter.ai and Fireflies.ai will join your virtual meetings as an attendee, record audio and video, transcribe verbal conversations in real-time, and even generate summaries of your meetings. This allows you to be fully present during the meeting instead of splitting your attention between what’s being said and writing it down, but you’ll still have detailed notes to refer to once the meeting ends. These tools even let you annotate and share the transcripts with others. 

Generate Images from Text to Use in Emails and Social Posts 

AI filters and art generators have recently gained traction on social media, but they also serve a practical purpose for your business. The right images can really enhance your copy, but you usually need someone to draw or edit those images for you. If you don’t already have an in-house creative for this, you’ll have to spend time researching and interviewing designers and then pay them an hourly rate for their work. AI can generate the exact image you want in seconds. You can specify styles like photorealistic, cartoon, or oil painting or even ask the AI art machine to emulate a specific artist’s work. The more adjectives you can give, the better. If you already have a design team, AI images can help you provide them with reference images and inspiration to help convey exactly what you’re looking for. DALL·E 2 from OpenAI is one of our favorite image generation tools.

Happy robot- pink and blue

Automatically Reply to Your Emails 

Google introduced autocomplete and reply features a few years ago, but now AI assistants will write entire emails for you. For example, the Email Triager writes replies and automatically saves them to your drafts folder to review and send in just a few clicks. Tell the AI what keywords to look for in an email and how you would like it to respond in plain English—no fancy commands or programming. Fully-drafted emails will appear in your inbox, ready to send. Other tools like Google Chrome’s Ovy will even automatically propose meeting times based on free spots in your calendar. 

Get Drafts of Marketing Emails Written For You 

You can spend a lot of time analyzing data points, writing different versions of copy, and even running A/B testing to create high-performing emails for your every need, but AI tools like Copy.ai’s email marketing feature create compelling copy for you. All you have to provide is the type of project, the main points you want covered in the body of the email, and the tone. Copy.ai will generate multiple options and even allow you to perform your own edits. 

Generate a short email

Generate Personalized Sales Emails That Get Results 

Unlike marketing emails, which can be generalized to your whole audience, sales emails need to be personalized if you want any chance of getting a response and eventually making a sale. Reply.io is an email assistant specifically designed to help you create cold emailing templates for sales and even lets you push messages directly to your sequence. The tool will improve your existing templates or generate completely new copy based on a summary or bullet points. It will even score how likely you are to receive a reply based on word count, reading level, number of “spam” words used, and more.

Summarize Long Articles 

Chatbots like ChatGPT can read long articles for you and summarize them. These are helpful for both you and your customers. For example, you could email the summary to subscribers, encouraging them to read the full article but also providing the most important information in an easy-to-digest format. You can also use this to learn new topics quicker yourself. Got a lot of articles you want to read about trends in your industry or how to market your business better? Asking a chatbot to summarize them for you could turn hours of reading into minutes.

Generate Promotional Social Media Posts 

When you post a new article, you want to encourage people to read it by promoting it on your social channels. Chatbots like ChatGPT can generate promotional tweets and other posts from an article you provide, much like they generate summaries. However, there are also tools specifically created for this purpose. For example, Copy.ai has a social media manager that works much like their marketing email tool. These tools can help you produce the same amount of content in a fraction of the time, combat writer’s block, and boost engagement with your page. 

Vintage illustration of a truck being unloaded- black and orange

Give Robots a Shot At Your Ad Creative 

We’ve discussed many tools that can handle your marketing efforts in bits and pieces—one might generate images while another creates copy to go with them. However, there are now tools that will handle the complete creative process for you. These tools, like Try Pencil, seamlessly integrate your branding guidelines with performance data from your ad accounts to generate both static and video ads. In addition, the platform lets you edit the ads it produces for you and will provide insights into ad performance. 

Mammoth holding a mirror- AI generated graphic

AI is not here to replace designers, writers, or marketing managers. Rather, it is here to make their jobs a whole lot easier. With AI tools, your company can scale cost-effectively and improve productivity. If you haven’t already integrated AI into your operations, 2023 is the year to start. 

A List of AI Tools to Start Using in 2023


Improve Your Writing

Generate Blog Post Titles, Email Subject Lines, Outlines, Summaries, and More 

Transcribe Audio 

Attend Meetings and Take Notes

Generate Images 

Automate Email Replies 

Generate Marketing Emails

Generate Sales Emails

Generate Promotional Social Media Posts 

Generate Complete Ad Creative 

Final thoughts

Of course AI is not a means to replacement, but it can be a helpful resource to make task management more productive, help increase creativity, and decrease burnout. These tools can also be used just for fun whether it is to practice your own responses and writing skills or if you want to ask questions and guess what answers they may come up with. We had fun testing out Chat GPT on our podcast and would love to hear how you have integrated AI into your workflow!

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