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Mastering Raffle Marketing - Boost Your Engagement + ROI With Proven Strategies

By Meagan Kral

Sep 10th, 2023

Today’s marketing strategies include multiple avenues for reaching your target market. There are both traditional and digital marketing techniques that give businesses the opportunity to increase their reach, gain awareness, and build new loyal clientele.

The most common form of marketing these days, digital marketing, has taken the business world by storm in recent years. There has been a shift from more traditional marketing methods such as television advertisements, print advertisements, billboards, and fliers, to digital marketing which utilizes top technologies and online tools. Still, traditional marketing definitely has a place and continues to be an effective form of advertisement.

Digital marketing is increasingly more relevant for today’s culture, which is filled with consumers seeking connection and value, as well as technological tools that reach far and wide in mere seconds. Not only is digital marketing relevant, it is also cheaper for businesses to implement.

There are a number of popular and useful traditional and digital marketing tools available. One incredibly powerful digital marketing tool is the online raffle. For the most effective marketing campaign, online raffles can be executed strategically and intentionally. Here’s what you need to know about raffle marketing.

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What Are Online Raffles?

Marketing strategies often include specific types of marketing, such as social media, content, and email. Online raffles are another marketing tactic with roots in the popular idea of contests. Promoting a product or service online through a contest such as a raffle gives people the opportunity to win a prize by completing a certain action. There are many types of contests that can be used in marketing, including giveaways, sweepstakes, and of course, raffles.

With raffle marketing, a person receives an entry by completing the action and winners are typically chosen at random. This is an incredibly effective way to market thanks to social media.

The various platforms (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and more) provide the perfect backdrop to host these raffles and encourage sharing to help you reach the widest audience. They give participants a simple way to enter and share with their audience for subsequent entries.

Online raffles create excitement in the audience, causing them to spread the word which increases awareness of your contest and builds your followers. With every raffle that you host, you’ll experience a large jump in leads and your audience will grow.

Crafting an Online Raffle With KickoffLabs

When you decide to create and execute an online raffle in your marketing campaign, it’s important to be intentional and follow best practices. When done right, your online raffle will build your audience and increase awareness of your business and products.

If you’re looking for a reliable and user-friendly platform to host your raffle, KickoffLabs is your ultimate solution.

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You can easily create a captivating landing page using our Giveaway templates that showcases your raffle, choosing between a single entry sweepstakes where leads can enter once, or a bonus entry style where you can award leads additional entries by completing actions and referring friends. We also now offer an AI builder to help you get started with your campaign!

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KickoffLabs offers seamless actions integration with several top social platforms, allowing you to boost traffic to your campaign, award points for leads completing actions taken outside of KickoffLabs, making a purchase, visiting a website and more.

For your raffle to make the strongest impact and receive optimal results, you’ll want to ensure proper planning and execution. Reaching your goals requires an intentional plan that enables you to make certain decisions that align with your campaign goals. When creating your plan, you’ll need to determine who your target market is, determine what your raffle assets are, and set your goals.

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Determine Your Target Market

At the beginning of your planning stage, you’ll need to decide who you are trying to reach. Who is your target market? Figuring this out is essential and is the catalyst for every other part of your raffle marketing plan.

Ask yourself a handful of questions as you get started finding your target audience. Figure out what groups of people will be interested in a raffle and if these people align with the target market that you’re already working with.

You need to find people who are both interested in what you have to offer and who are interested in entering and winning a raffle. When you find people who check both boxes, you’ve found your target audience.

Determine Your Raffle Assets

You will also want to make sure that you choose a prize relevant to this audience. If your target market is already interested in your business or products, finding a prize is as simple as looking at what you have to offer.

While your prize is an essential part of your raffle assets, there is more to figure out. Your raffle assets include the resources that you have for the execution of your campaign, your email list, your marketing materials, your social media accounts, and any other tools at your disposal. There’s a lot of work to be done to run a successful raffle, so figuring out what you have to use ahead of time, and what you’ll need to budget in, is important.

Set Your Goals

Your online raffle should have a certain objective that dictates the course of your campaign. Decide what you want your overall goal to be; increased sales, increased leads, building customer loyalty, gathering feedback, or something else. Your goals are important because the plan you create should be crafted to reach that desired outcome. Everything you do, from your target audience to your prize to where and how you market, will be customized in order to reach your goals. Set your goals, find your audience, choose a prize, and get started planning an online raffle to reach them.

Marketing Your Raffle

Once you’ve figured out the basics of your raffle marketing plan, you’re ready to market the contest. Effective marketing requires choosing marketing platforms, determining your schedule, and plan execution.

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Choose Platforms

There are multiple platforms available that can be used for marketing. Your job is to figure out the best ones to use for your raffle campaign.

The different options available for raffle marketing include social media, email, and websites. Choose your platforms based on where your target audience is likely to be. Most people today are on social media, utilizing popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. These are ideal channels to host raffles because they provide access to millions of people and allow for easy sharing from participants.

Whatever platforms you choose, make sure that you’ll be able to reach your target audience with ease. You’ll want to launch your campaign on 2-3 avenues to increase your opportunities for the most success.

Set Your Schedule

After choosing your raffle platforms, you need to determine the schedule for your campaign. Decide when you want your raffle to start, how long you want it to run for, and when it will end. Choosing your schedule with intention is important, especially because if you launch when other events are happening, it could be missed or overlooked entirely. Research the best post times for the platforms you will be using and schedule your launch, and any subsequent posts, accordingly. You can prepare everything at one time and then schedule each post to go live on a certain day and time.

Execute Your Plan

Once your raffle is planned, it’s time for execution. Review everything, including grammar, brand alignment, image quality, and raffle details. Ensure that the entire series revolving around your raffle is up to par and ready for launch. Your first post should be scheduled ahead of time and ready to go without a hitch. Be prepared to monitor your raffle after the first post is published.

Online Raffle Management

As your raffle campaign continues, make sure to monitor and manage it to ensure everything flows smoothly from beginning to end.

KickoffLabs offers you a streamlined way to take actions with your contest that help you drive engagement and referrals. Your leads can actually earn entries simply by referring others and engaging with your brand.

With KickoffLabs, you can create an effective and simplified path for upping your leads and contest entrants. KickoffLabs helps by:

● Generating unique share links for your leads. ● Providing entries for shares and engagement. ● Detecting contest fraud. ● Making it simple to pick your winner.

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Choosing Your Winners

At the end of your raffle, it’s time to find your winners. KickoffLabs offers a Pick a Contest Winner feature that makes it simple to choose who gets the prize. Customize the pick a winner feature by selecting how many winners to choose, the minimum score needed for winning, and if you want the results to be weighed.

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KickoffLabs’ system combines your custom choices and randomly chooses your raffle winners. You get to decide how to notify the winners and get your raffle closed out.

Closing Out an Online Raffle

After notifying your winners and collecting essential information, such as names and addresses, you’ll be ready to close out your raffle. Set up a campaign ended message thanking your leads for taking the time to participate and encourage them to stick around and wait for the next contest. Better yet, offer a discount code for participating.

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Create Your Next Raffle With KickoffLabs!

Mastering raffle marketing doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With KickoffLabs, you’ll have all the tools, strategies, and insights you need to craft a raffle campaign that captivates and converts. From selecting the perfect prizes to leveraging social sharing features for greater visibility, this comprehensive guide leaves no stone unturned. Don’t miss your chance to elevate your marketing game and create buzzworthy raffle events that drive real results. Get started Free today at KickoffLabs to simplify the process and set you on the path to raffle marketing success.

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