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Your Marketing Questions… Answered by the Pros

By Josh Ledgard

Nov 3rd, 2014

We’ve done landing page reviews, we’ve done set topics… in our latest Live Marketing Chats, we gave you all (our amazing audience) the chance to ask your most pressing marketing and campaign questions.

We had some great questions lined up and also answered questions on the spot for people that joined us during the live event.

Does putting up an email capture form before giving away something scare away prospects?

In general if you’re doing a campaign and your goal is to capture more leads by giving away something of value, having the content previewed on the landing page as a teaser and then giving away the download is the best way to approach it.

The goal isn’t just to give away content, it should be to grow your audience and email list.

Check out the landing page for our “Bad Art, Good Advice, Great Entrepreneurs” ebook


A fun sketchbook of 99 sketches that we put together during this years MicroConf.

On the page, we give away 5 sketches for free and then ask people to submit their email address for the rest.

After people fill out the short form, we include the download link directly on the page and they’ll also get an autoresponder email with the link.


What about protecting the downloaded content?

If somebody wants to take your branded PDF ebook and email it to 100 of their friends, you should be thrilled!

DO NOT waste effort on trying to prevent people from handing the PDF out to others. Think of it as a way of reaching a broader audience.

What if your content is more along the lines of a blog post?

Blog posts and articles are good examples of creating content for free without asking for much in return. Using popups (the right way), you can leverage this content for collecting emails and increasing your audience.

We would consider the right way, using an exit popup (like the one on this very blog… try mousing away from the page and you’ll be presented with our free LP107 email course).

DO NOT block people from first receiving value!

How do I convince users to sign up for an undeveloped product?

It DOES NOT matter the stage your product or service is in, what matters is offering an incentive for signing up.

Great incentives are what drive more signups.

The 3 types of pre-launch incentives:

  1. Early access or sneak peek
  2. Discount or some other financial incentive
  3. Free information that solves a problem


DO NOT set up a launch page that simply says “my product is this awesome new X. Coming soon. Sign up now.”

For more in-depth tips on generating a buzz before your launch, click here to learn the 8 Launch Hacks for Building Your Audience.

How can I boost my conversion rate?

This is an extremely general question, but we love it because there are a ton of different ways to boost conversion rates…

Find the low hanging fruit.

#1 – Are you getting enough traffic? Focus on getting people to the page first.

#2 – What is the quality of traffic? Target and convert the right kind of audience.

#3 – Why should someone sign up? Offer an incentive in exchange for the email.

#4 – Is it easy to sign up? Prominently display the call-to-action.

#5 – Does the page look trustworthy? Improve the trust factor of your page.

#6 – Do headlines and images explain the page? Clearly convey your message.

#7 – Does the paragraph copy support the headlines? Illustrate the detailed information.

#8 – Are there incentives for sharing? Get a viral boost from people sharing. With KickoffLabs, this is actually a feature that’s built into every page… we give people a unique personal sharing link and allow you to incentive it for your customers as you deem fit.

Adding a great incentive to the sharing process, we’ve seen page go from 10% to a 45% viral boost rate. And the average across our platform is about 35%, just by enabling sharing.

DO NOT try to over optimize without having gone through the previous steps.

Do you need solid advice on how to optimize your marketing campaigns?

If you have any other questions you’d like for us to tackle for you, let us know and join us during our next Live Marketing Chats!

Thanks for reading and for sharing,

Izzy Palmerin

Growth and Conversion Rate Optimization at KickoffLabs


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