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Lead Conversion Tracking with Google Analytics Goals

By Scott Watermasysk

Jan 23rd, 2014

Google Analytic goals allow you to track your lead generation conversions directly within Google Analytics.

KickoffLabs has always made it very easy to take advantage of Google Analytic Goals. When a new lead signs up we notify Google Analytics for you. Starting today it gets even better.

Recently, Google rolled out a new version of their analytics called, Universal Analytics (the previous version has been named Classic Analytics).

Should I be using Universal Analytics? Short answer is yes, you should be using Universal Analytics.

Are you using it today? That is a harder question since Google currently makes you opt in when you add a new property or request the change in the Google Analytics admin.

However, the good news is regardless if you are using Universal Analytics or Classic Analytics, KickoffLabs will handle the goal tracking with no additional input from you. In other words, It Just Works!


Finally, if you are thinking, “I couldn’t set this up”, we have updated our documentation as well and provide you step by step instructions on navigating Google Analytics and setting up the proper goal.

If you use Google Analytics along with KickoffLabs, this is something you really should set up. If you have any questions on this, please contact us at support@kickofflabs.com and we will be honored to help you.

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