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KickoffLabs is Open for Business!

By Josh Ledgard

Jun 27th, 2011

Today KickoffLabs is officially live and accepting customers! Scott and I want to thank everyone who signed up on our own KickoffLabs “coming soon” page, shared our blog posts and tweets, helped us kick the tires on the private beta, and sent encouraging words along the way. Thank You!

What is KickoffLabs?

All new businesses are experiments that start with customers. You don’t know if your idea is going to work, but you know you need customers to make money… whether it’s through ad sales, subscriptions, or walk-ins buying your bagels after you’ve set up shop.  KickoffLabs both simplifies and reduces the costs of the online part of your experiment.

We make it simple to create a web presence and customer list. You can do it in 60 seconds.

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Is KickoffLabs for me?

KickoffLabs is for you if any of the following is true.

  1. You would rather spend your time building your business and product than managing complicated traditional content/customer management systems.
  2. You like saving money.
  3. You want to know if you are attracting the right customers for your business.
  4. You have a full time job, but dream about something bigger and better.
  5. You believe in failing fast and knowing if an idea would resonate with customers rather than wasting months of your life.
  6. You want to sign up right now…
  7. You want to run simple experiments to see which marketing messages get the most customer signups.
  8. You believe in building businesses not building startups.
  9. You believe that your time has value.

If any of these statements resonate with your world view, KickoffLabs is for you. And if that’s not enough, stay tuned… We’ll be giving you a lot more reasons in the weeks to come.

Can I try it free?

Hell yes! If you aren’t convinced yet then go ahead and sign up for a free account and find out for yourself if KickoffLabs is right for your business today.

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